ANDREA KELLY, the quick witted, straight, no chaser cast member of VH-1’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes” has stepped out of the shadows of her former musical prodigy and controversial ex husband, R. Kelly–and hasn’t looked back.

Andrea spoke candidly with me by phone while in Chicago, where she is actively juggling her dance studios, now based in Chicago and Atlanta, with an LA location on the horizon. She’s also in development of a high end, dance wear line: Anonsia.

Dance is a beautiful art form. We have a great feeling when we see a beautiful dance. It involves a lot of principles that make it very significant. We may not know the real aspects of it completely. Once, you get to know the brilliant aspects of dance and the health benefits that come along you will just be astonished. We will have to bring about an interest to seek all the knowledge that we are bound to receive in this aspect.

It is a great source of relaxation to mind and body. When you have a deadly disease killing you apart, the best way to go for the treat and take it with less stress by involving in a beautiful art form as dance. It might seem silly, but it is very true. It gets the body muscles to become very flexible and tuned to any kind of life. We will have to make sure that we stay healthy and happy always.

Also, it is a good knowledgeable experience when you learn a new art form. We have to splendidly understand that each dance form has its own importance that needs to be pulled hard in life may not be with compulsion but just full of love. When you learn a new art form, that can be easily taken over to a new generation then it is really a great thing that you are doing to society. We have a good communication system that is developing these days.

Also, there are different modes of learning a new platform of interest that surrounds us to a great deal. Check out this site and you will get to know it better. We have online platforms that can teach us the skills promptly as possible. We can learn it from different dance schools and from prominent celebrities as well. It is just about how our minds want it.


Are Celebrity Moms Hurting Regular Moms with their Weight Loss Endorsements?

They’re everywhere and impossible to avoid. Momshells. Super hot and gorgeous celebrity moms whose postpartum fat melted off them with suspicious speeds. Lauded and hailed on the cover of every magazine. “How do you do it” reporters ask mouths agape.

Weight loss is a very hard, yet a significant part in a woman’s life after their pregnancy. It is often considered a great way to get healthier but not easy as it seems so. It is difficult to carry the entire journey from getting conceived to delivery and further in an easy way. The food routine, the sleeping pattern and the stress levels seem to hurt us a lot. We will have a great relieving feeling only when we get a comfortable breath. That happens literally when our body feels light.

After the delivery, of course, there are plenty of methods to reduce weight. We have celebrity moms sharing their experience and sometimes that is bustling in the entire social media and the world out there. We will have to be very conscious about it so that we get into the right track. We will have to get the information that they really seek to tell us and then start interpreting it for ourselves. We will have to see what happens to us in the entire scenario and value our health aspects first. It is up to us how we like the information. If you feel it is right, just take it. If you find that the information will not be a good way to take it forward, just ignore it then and there. Get more tips here and spread your thought process. This will enrich your life in a good way.  The momshells laugh innocently and repeatedly regurgitate the same tired old lines, talking about clean eating and working out.

Heffa please. Give me a break and have a seat.

I know that losing baby weight can come easily to some. It’s totally possible that a momshell or two strolled out of the hospital in her size twos. It was super easy for me after the birth of my first child. Then I got pregnant again when he was about six months old. Fast forward to baby number two and I can now tell you losing baby weight can also be one of the most frustrating and humbling experiences of a woman’s life.


Mirror, Mirror: 13 Stars Werk The Mirrored Sunglasses Trend

Kate Moss’ shades are an opaque black but shiny and rimmed out in a fab rosy pink. We’re loving these!

Sunglasses are always a trend. Never has it been sought after. Kids and especially the older generations started liking it apart from the usual younger generation. The reasons are many. Earlier it used to be a fashion. It is also in the fashion scenario until now but the health effects seem to surprise. What can be compelling to us and reasonable can be a good way to protect our beautiful eyes. Mirrored sunglasses have stolen the show now in an even better way. Take a look at the site here and you will know the importance.

The anti-reflecting properties have been quite prominent in the recent scenario. Anti-reflecting coatings tend to effectively reduce the glare brought by the light reflecting surfaces to a large extent. People sometimes misinterpret the fact that the color generally tends to influence the color perception one is bound to get. But, certainly, it is not that way. We have a lot of advancements that does not influence the way certain things occur. It might give a grayish or brownish tinted look that is the wearer can presume totally. The mirror reduces the extent of light passing into the glass and protects the vision to a great extent. Its usage is perfectly visualized when in water and places were sand or snow is prominent.

Everything is important in the case of mirrored sunglasses. The way we use it and maintain it matters to a great extent. Life will get more interesting when you get to know how to use and save an item for long. Cleaning has to be done with a soft cloth and very carefully. Even if a scratch occurs, we will have to remove it very carefully. This will let us experience the use of it for a longer time in life.

The mirrored glasses seem to be a bit darker, but it is essentially not that way. It is just a flash coating that will stay as a reflective film just outside the lens in the sunglass. It is thought to make the objects seem darker and so lighter tints are often used to a great extent. It seems to give us a lot of confidence in a lot of people at a gathering.

From Strippin’ to the Kitchen: 15 Celebrity Moms Who Were Strippers

The always lovely Amber Rose was making them ‘holla for a dolla’ as just “Rose,” before meeting and marrying rapper Wiz Khalifa and giving birth to son, Sebastian.

Celebrities have valuable stories to tell us always. They have seen the world from a different angle and they have made every part of their life more important. They value their self-esteem a lot and think twice before whatever they do. This is simply because the world has taught them a lot of memorable aspects that has created an experience that needs to be sought after. Now, the women have become moms and they are into many household activities. There are interesting aspects that we need to know.

Stripping has taught many women quite a lot of principles. They say people skills are the most important skills that they acquired naturally.  They were very strong and never had the problem of approaching people. They could very easily speak to anyone in this world without any neglect. Click over here and you will get to know more.

Women also say that they have improved the sense of humor that they earlier used to have. The seriousness and the more consciousness have reduced amongst people to a large extent. They do not fear to speak to people. They are very much straight forward and had a respectful life demanded in a good sense. If people judged them wrong, it did not hurt them anymore. Life became very simple and straight. They started believing what seems right to them in a positive sense. It actually does not mean that we give them an option to think negatively, but if they happen to think so it did not impact them anyways.

They felt happier because it put them in a financially good position that seems to intrude into all their debts and just clear it off. It is also said going through such a life can be a source of internal struggle. We literally will have no idea what will be the kind of response after the marriage. If we happen to get a person who is understandable, the situation just gets simple and life moves over to kids and kitchen happily..!! This is a true reality that we may not be aware of. But, it is quite important that we get to know a glimpse of what is really happening around the world.


From Strippin’ to the Kitchen: 15 Celebrity Moms Who Were Strippers

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for many celebs – male and female – their humble beginnings actually began in the buff. From pole dancers to Playboy pinups, these big names have all done something a little strange for some change before settling down and becoming mamas, and in some cases, wives. Hit the flip for our list of celebrity moms who were strippers, or who’ve got their start taking their clothes off for cash.

. Life is like that. Earning becomes an important part in everyone’s life and we are admitted to do whatever we are asked to do when we get into a commitment. It really depends on what actions we perform and in what way it really matters to all of us. It may have several interpretations outside and may not be good for a peaceful living after marriage. But, yes it seems to be a career for many people. Women always think what will be his response to it considering a long lasting life with their husbands. It is quite prerogative.

We will have to be essentially in a very comfortable position to work and be quite sure about what respect we deserve for the real money we earn. It is indeed a great way to communicate with everyone related to us so that we engage in a very responsible lifestyle. True that we get caught with many circumstances that let us down, but certainly it is the reality that drives our motivation.

We would be driven to indulge doing anything that we can do for a handsome earning. This will be a week’s salary may be but the situation demands a common life to do so. Engaging in an activity of this kind can be a great transition for many people in life.

We have seen women struggling to make a life for them. They might have a great responsibility to manage a big family and be self-sufficient too. They might live a normal life. But, uncertain situations can be very disheartening and demands life to go in worse conditions. This will force people to get into jobs were stripping off because reality and the transition are literally hard.   Some names may surprise you; others, not so much, but all of these women have proven that there is such a thing as a second act in life.


Food and delicacies are a part of everyday life. Food lovers have been extensively trying to enjoy all the different kinds of food being special in all the places in the world. But, it also counts on how healthy the food is. We cannot be pretty much sure on the cleanliness at the cooking place and the kind of ingredients used. Health comes first because that is the best investment one can have. Life seems to be very important when we have a healthy and resourceful life.

Now, it is very easily made possible for all of us to make these items at home itself with all the interesting recipes available. It is pronounced to be so very delicious when we cook in this manner. We get all the ingredients required for us to make the dish completely in a place we would wish to get and just start cooking. It will be fresh and hygienic to the core. We always have several resources for the references on cooking recipes. We will have to read full article and choose what best suits us.

Grilled food always has its benefits. It has the ingredients in the right proportion and it is cooked in a convincingly good manner so as to avoid any cardiovascular problems that are bound to come. Traditionally cooked made spices go well with taste in all our dishes when cooked for a long time in too much of oil and that is not really tasty. On the other hand, grilled food bring the necessary taste with all the spices added in the right proportion and cooked in a very efficient manner so as to seek a healthy living. It is cooked in a nutritious manner and is engaged with a lot of required spices as garnished in any restaurants. So, why do we have to check and roam around on different places to have food when we can make everything at home? It is an interesting activity to do when living with a lot of people. We will have to keep experimenting and try to get into a variety of dishes to enjoy the way it is cooked. Nutrition has to be given the importance before any taste. This will get us into a healthy habit.



Congrats are in order for the B2K alum who is preparing to become a father for the first time. The 29-year-old took to social media to announce he was expecting with his girlfriend Apryl. Over the weekend the happy couple enjoyed their baby-shower with friends and family. Apryl looked stunning in a flower-sheer dress.

A baby shower is quite special for the moms-to-be and everyone wishes it to be perfect. Below mentioned are few tips in conducting baby shower for your friends, colleague or a relative.  There is various company website from which you could buy the products that are required for the baby shower party.

Planning and organizing a baby shower is very much a daunting task. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that one should never plan their own baby shower.  The mom-to-be will get exhausted by the whole affair and this is the time you need to relax. It is best that a relative or a friend host the party.

Whenever the party is planned, you should not keep too many games.  The expecting mother needs to relax and have a good time.  There should be ample time for chatting, relaxing and opening up the presents.

Never organize a surprise party for the expecting mothers. You need to tell them in advance about the party and ask her suggestion about how the party should be planned, when and where she wants it to be.

In order to give a grand look for the party, you can go for a color theme for the shower. Follow the color code for the cake, decorations and so on. Keep it simple and fun for the mothers.

Coming back,

Omarion recently spoke on the kind of father he will be:

My dad actually gave me advice. He said, what you’re going to have to do is put a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch of objects – toys, computers, a whole bunch of different things – in a room and see what he picks up. The next part of that is after seeing what he picks up, because he might pick up something and put it down, you gotta see what he holds on to. So really, I don’t have any preconceived notions about what I want my child to be. He will grow up in a musical home and he will grow



As someone who has followed the career of Aaliyah since she her debut, I thought I was excited to see the story played out on the screen. But when I discovered that it was for the small screen as opposed to a theatrical release, I had mixed feelings. Now, after discovering that her family is trying to stop production, I know that my initial reaction was not too far off. This is a movie meant for the big screen, and knowing that her family feels a TV movie is too small for someone as big as Aaliyah (as reported by TMZ), I think Lifetime, the network proposed to air the movie, should fall back.

When the biopic is done right, it makes quite an incredible impact. This is the reason the celebrities make it a point to make their biopic as fascinating it can be.  A person could relate to the famous person once the biopic is released for the public to watch.

Utmost planning should be given whenever a biopic is made. There are various biopics that have become flop because of the weak screenplay, poor editing, and direction. Still the production of the biopic continues and there would be many big pictures that will always be on the horizon. Learn more here to know about the biopic movies.

It is important that the biographical movies should have a strong angle.  These movies will not be successful if one tries to include too much content in it. The biggest reason for a biopic to flop is that they try to include so many incidents and will finally end up nothing. A daring director will play with the conventions of a biopic and will be rewarded for his efforts.

One needs to do something that is different and quite unexpected. It is all about telling a story and capturing the interest of the audience.

Another reason for a biopic to fail is not just the directors trying to include too much content but also when it is overly reverential.  Especially when a director plans for a biopic of a musician, they are put in a difficult position to portray the character without offending the fan base.

Earlier this week, the news broke that Disney actress Zendaya Coleman would star as Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B, set to start filming this summer

Get Off The Couch – The Key To Getting Your Husband To Help Out Around The House

What I’m going to say is not going to be popular, but here it is: If your husband doesn’t pull his weight around the house, well, it might be your fault.
*ducks* WHO THREW THAT SHOE AT ME? Let me explain.

Most of the working women will tell you that they have many tasks that are sill undone at the end of the day from stocking the kitchen towel to booking a haircut appointment or asking the kids to send across a birthday card to their uncle, the list is endless. This is the mental load that is carried on by all working mother.  To ease this load, it is high time the husband of the family joined in to share the responsibilities. View the webpage to know more about sharing duties and responsibilities between husband and wife.

To make your husband to perform some of the household tasks, you should first make a list of things to be done.  Giving out a list of task to be done by him will help in getting the things done without following behind him and reminding him every hour or so.  For instance, you could note down the chores like take the garbage out, empty the dishwasher, etc. These little things help a lot.

Whenever the husband helps you out in the household task, do not criticize the work done by him.  For suppose, he does the cooking but does not clean the kitchen well afterward, don’t point fingers at him. Appreciate the work done by him or else he will get frustrated and will stop helping out altogether.

Also, it bests that you utilize your husband’s strength in helping out with the task. For instance, he will be having a good memory power; he could be kept in charge of re-stocking the kitchen groceries.  He will be able to tell you immediately what is in stock and what is not. Hence you can give him the sole responsibility of handling the stocking up of groceries. A big burden will be removed from your shoulders.

Sometimes (and I mean sometimes) we expect our husbands to rise to our expectations when we’ve never fully explained what those expectations are. We add one, two, three kids to the mix and we’ve never had those conversations about how we expect our partner to act.


A card specifically for mothers on father’s day has circulated through my timeline more times than I am comfortable with each Father’s Day.

When you visit a card shop, you could find at least half a dozen cards that are designed for the mother to celebrate father’s day.  It is true that the single mother’s take on the duties and responsibilities of both the father and mother.  But never a mother wishes to take the place of the father. Only a father could be a father. Learn more here to understand the feelings of a mother raising the child alone.

The child would be heart-broken as there is no father in the family and it does not mean that the father’s absence is irrelevant.  The child deserves the honor to mourn and feel sad about the absence of a father figure in the family.

Also, it is not right to teach the children that the father is irrelevant in the family.  You will have a son or a daughter and if you want them to respect the other gender, you need to teach them to respect all the genders equally.  Learning to respect other gender begins from the family.

The father figure in a family is irreplaceable. Even though he would have left the family or treated you badly, father is a father. You will have the temptation to show him bad to the children. You might feel relieved emotionally talking bad about the father to children but you will surely feel bad later on.  The child will feel tormented hearing the bad things done by his/her father. Hence it is best to not to talk about it and go on with fulfilling your duty as the mother.

Last month, on Mother’s Day I wrote on how I did not want any of my friends or family to wish the regards. No, do not tell me “Happy Mother’s Day” as a single father.  So when the above pictured card hit my screen, I find it offensive. Plain and simple.

Before getting into why let me first acknowledge the other side. I understand the sentiment behind the card. Many mothers don’t take on this ideology.Often it is the children with no father figure in their household (notice I didn’t word that as in their life…I’ll get there). It’s hard to correct a child, or an adult who is still someone’s child, on how they feel. My daughter has started calling my sister “mommy” and my nephew calls me “daddy.”