Are Celebrity Moms Hurting Regular Moms with their Weight Loss Endorsements?

They’re everywhere and impossible to avoid. Momshells. Super hot and gorgeous celebrity moms whose postpartum fat melted off them with suspicious speeds. Lauded and hailed on the cover of every magazine. “How do you do it” reporters ask mouths agape. The momshells laugh innocently and repeatedly regurgitate the same tired old lines, talking about clean eating and working out.

Heffa please. Give me a break and have a seat.

I know that losing baby weight can come easily to some. It’s totally possible that a momshell or two strolled out of the hospital in her size twos. It was super easy for me after the birth of my first child. Then I got pregnant again when he was about six months old. Fast forward to baby number two and I can now tell you losing baby weight can also be one of the most frustrating and humbling experiences of a woman’s life.


From Strippin’ to the Kitchen: 15 Celebrity Moms Who Were Strippers

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for many celebs – male and female – their humble beginnings actually began in the buff. From pole dancers to Playboy pinups, these big names have all done something a little strange for some change before settling down and becoming mamas, and in some cases, wives. Hit the flip for our list of celebrity moms who were strippers, or who’ve got their start taking their clothes off for cash. Some names may surprise you; others, not so much, but all of these women have proven that there is such a thing as a second act in life.


Congrats are in order for the B2K alum who is preparing to become a father for the first time. The 29-year-old took to social media to announce he was expecting with his girlfriend Apryl. Over the weekend the happy couple enjoyed their baby-shower with friends and family. Apryl looked stunning in a flower-sheer dress.

Omarion recently spoke on the kind of father he will be:

My dad actually gave me advice. He said, what you’re going to have to do is put a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch of objects – toys, computers, a whole bunch of different things – in a room and see what he picks up. The next part of that is after seeing what he picks up, because he might pick up something and put it down, you gotta see what he holds on to. So really, I don’t have any preconceived notions about what I want my child to be. He will grow up in a musical home and he will grow



As someone who has followed the career of Aaliyah since she her debut, I thought I was excited to see the story played out on the screen. But when I discovered that it was for the small screen as opposed to a theatrical release, I had mixed feelings. Now, after discovering that her family is trying to stop production, I know that my initial reaction was not too far off. This is a movie meant for the big screen, and knowing that her family feels a TV movie is too small for someone as big as Aaliyah (as reported by TMZ), I think Lifetime, the network proposed to air the movie, should fall back.
Earlier this week, the news broke that Disney actress Zendaya Coleman would star as Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B, set to start filming this summer

Get Off The Couch – The Key To Getting Your Husband To Help Out Around The House

What I’m going to say is not going to be popular, but here it is: If your husband doesn’t pull his weight around the house, well, it might be your fault.
*ducks* WHO THREW THAT SHOE AT ME? Let me explain.
Sometimes (and I mean sometimes) we expect our husbands to rise to our expectations when we’ve never fully explained what those expectations are. We add one, two, three kids to the mix and we’ve never had those conversations about how we expect our partner to act.


A card specifically for mothers on father’s day has circulated through my timeline more times than I am comfortable with each Father’s Day.  Last month, on Mother’s Day I wrote on how I did not want any of my friends or family to wish the regards. No, do not tell me “Happy Mother’s Day” as a single father.  So when the above pictured card hit my screen, I find it offensive. Plain and simple.

Before getting into why let me first acknowledge the other side. I understand the sentiment behind the card. Many mothers don’t take on this ideology.Often it is the children with no father figure in their household (notice I didn’t word that as in their life…I’ll get there). It’s hard to correct a child, or an adult who is still someone’s child, on how they feel. My daughter has started calling my sister “mommy” and my nephew calls me “daddy.”



Thanks to the internet and ever-present natural hair blogs, gone are the days of flipping through hair magazines to find the perfect picture to present to your hairdresser for hair inspiration. Now naturalistas are either doing their hair themselves or browsing the web for hairstyle ideas. Not to mention, Mommynoire understands how crucial the decision-making can get when it comes to picking the right hairstyle for a wedding, graduation or just everyday wear. Which is why we are dedicated to finding the hottest hair looks online. These dope french roll or twist styles are extremely elegant and have been around for years, but recently we’ve been seeing them on celebs like Janelle Monae (sis loves a roll!) and on red carpets and with relaxed hair, natural hair and even box braid styles. They are easy to DIY for work or the weekend, but they’re even more fabulous to wear to elegant events especially weddings. You can rock it with a bang or add any kind additional elements to your french roll.