A School Dress Code for Parents?! Yes, Please!

I’d much rather have school administrators mulling over ways to boost literacy rates and keep our schools safe than how to regulate what I’m wearing when I drop my kids off in the morning. Shouldn’t we, as parents, already know better?… More

11 Sharp Easter Suits For Your Little Man

Every year, parents hunt down the perfect Easter outfit for their young men. Even if you’re not observing Easter, suit up your little man, whether he’s a newborn or a big kid for spring…. More

Ready, Set, Deliver: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I can’t tell you how much my fellow mama friends chuckle at the things I do as a first time mom-to-be. … More

Mommy Myths: All The Perfect Moms, Put Your Hands In The Air!

I want to relinquish myself from the idea that if my daughter doesn’t have regularly scheduled play dates or a fully decorated bedroom and playroom that her childhood will be incomplete…. More

Call Child Services! Mimi Faust And Stevie J’s Daughter Needs You

Clearly, Mimi didn’t ponder the long-term or short-term affects her sex romp will have on her five-year-old cutie pie. The kids and their cruelties will one day eat the child alive…. More

Popcorn Love: ‘A Haunted House 2′ Star Marlon Wayans Talks Latest Film

In an exclusive interview with Marlon Wayans, star of the A Haunted House sequel, MommyNoire had a chance to ask Wayans, just how young is too young to see this film? … More

The Power Of The Get-Along Shirt

When the same two kids go at it all day, every day, several times a day…well, that’s where I draw the line. Time for the get-along shirt!… More

I Caught My Son, Again, In The Act

I am not the “cool mom.” I am not going to put condoms in a jar and allow girls to come “hang out” with him in his room. … More

Why Knot?: White Moms Giving Black Hair Care Tips

I cringe every time my white ex-husband sends me a picture of the kids on outings with him with my little girl’s hair looking a hot mess held back with a crooked headband that doesn’t even match her outfit…. More

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