WWJD: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

There was no speak of costumes, carving pumpkins, or trick or treating in my house. I never thought twice about my upbringing and the things I was taught about Halloween… until I became a parent…. More

Tales From The Tooth Fairy: I’m Paying To Continue This Lie…

At what age do you tell your kids the truth about the Tooth Fairy? I keep telling these little white lies and I think she’s on to me…. More

Balancing Act: 7 Ways to Create Freedom and Structure With Your Children

Make sure your child’s time is well spent and you create enough freedom with added structure for growth…. More

9 Non-Edible Trick or Treat Ideas Instead Of Candy

Instead of sugar overload, shoot for some of these trick or treat ideas instead of candy? You might get a side eye from some kids, but they’ll be just fine…. More

‘The Real’ Hosts Bite-Sized Halloween Fashion Show

For their first Halloween, “The Real” hosts what is sure to be the cutest spooktacular event of all with their “Bite Sized Halloween Fashion Show.” … More

Cute and Quick: 15 DIY Halloween Costumes

Whether your kid wants to be an mp3 player or a man in a boat, we have a few DIY Halloween costumes you can knock out yourself…. More

Texting Tots?!: Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

We want to know what you think about kids and cell phones! Does your child have one? Are you holding off until they reach a certain age? Sound off!… More

Talking To Your Kids About Sex: Don’t Force Them to Abstain

Talking to your kids about sex can be scary, but it’s a chance to educate them about the topic. Tip: don’t be pushy. It usually doesn’t work out well…. More

Equation Frustration: My Kids’ Homework is Too Hard– For Me!

What do you do when your kids’ homework is giving you trouble? Write the teacher… See how one mom is handling hard homework and where you may want to head for help. … More

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