11 Sharp Easter Suits For Your Little Man

Every year, parents hunt down the perfect Easter outfit for their young men. Even if you’re not observing Easter, suit up your little man, whether he’s a newborn or a big kid for spring…. More

Popcorn Love: ‘A Haunted House 2′ Star Marlon Wayans Talks Latest Film

In an exclusive interview with Marlon Wayans, star of the A Haunted House sequel, MommyNoire had a chance to ask Wayans, just how young is too young to see this film? … More

The Power Of The Get-Along Shirt

When the same two kids go at it all day, every day, several times a day…well, that’s where I draw the line. Time for the get-along shirt!… More

My Party of 10: How I Manage 8 Kids Like A Boss!

Redefine the word “bossy?” Please! I did that years ago. As a mother of eight, many ask how I manage eight kids? Simply put: I do it like a boss!… More

Growing Pains: Do Your Children Travel Alone?

Just when you think you got this parenting business under control another milestone to be conquered revels itself: your child traveling alone…. More

Ready To Wrestle?: World Wrestling Entertainment Is Bringing Motivation To Kids

World Wrestling Entertainment is committed to leveraging the power of its brand and at a recent event they highlighted some upcoming initiatives centered around children, the parenting community and girl power!… More

Seasonably Fashioned: 12 Spring Style Looks for Your Child

While many of us mommies are hitting up sales and clearance racks we shouldn’t forget about our children that have closets deserving of some sprucing, too. Here are 12 spring-inspired styles that your little ones will look amazing rocking to school and on the weekends!… More

Child Beating Videos Go Viral: Is Discipline Entertaining?

We’re in a time of oversharing but when these beating videos go viral, what good comes of it?… More

How To Date A Single Mom: I’m A Package Deal

It isn’t easy dating as a single mom; you want someone who understands that you’re a package deal but not necessarily seeking an instant dad…. More

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