10 Ways To Culture Your Kids

What do you do when you need to show your kids something different? Switch up the norm. After all, you can’t plop them in front of the Disney Channel all day. … More

Encourage The Quirk: 10 Camps and Classes That Nurture Creative Kids

Summer will be here before you know it and as adorable as your kids are at home, wouldn’t they be better served painting countless pictures at an actual art camp?… More

Principal Caught on Tape Dragging Students Down on Hall

Teachers and parents can all agree that some of these kids today are out their damn minds. But is it ever okay for a principal to put his hands on a student? … More

Why Are So Many Kids Diagnosed with ADHD?

When we were growing up, ADHD wasn’t something people really worried about, but now it seems like half the kids in your child’s class have it. So are kids really so much different than they used to be?

Taylor Has Two Moms: What I Learned from Disney’s First Lesbian Moms

Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” introduced lesbian moms to their young viewers and some parents are outraged. Isn’t it time we got comfortable with the LGBT community?… More

This Mom Says No to In-school Spankings

While the spanking debate, among parents, has been going on a for a while, I mistakenly thought the debate about whether or not kids should be spanked in schools was over. Apparently, I thought wrong…. More

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” App On Its Way to Your iPad

Looks like our kids really will grow up in a paperless world. This year, Eric Carle’s sweet book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. … More

Side-Eye: School Offers Black History Month Menu of Fried Chicken and Watermelon

A high school near San Francisco is in a lot of trouble right now after students decided it would be a good idea to celebrate Black History Month with a dinner of fried chicken and watermelon. … More

Click! 5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Photography for Kids

My kids’ earliest memories of me must include my camera or iPhone. Documenting their childhood brings me joy like nothing else…. More

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