Back to School: DIY Kid-Friendly Homework Station Design

It’s almost time to start getting in the back-to-school groove, pick up a summer project and make your kids a great homework nook. Find out how inside…. More

To Go or Not To Go: How to Choose the Right Day Care

With school out for the summer, more and more parents are on the look-out to see where to sign their child up for summer programs or long term daycare. We’re helping you get over your worries and chose the best place to send your child. … More

If It Ain’t About the Money: 10 Ways to Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

Here, MommyNoire has compiled a list so that the whole family can get involved in building an empire for young entrepreneurs…. More

Reluctant Readers? 10 Books for Boys Who Hate to Read

Having a hard time getting your son to read? Maybe you’re just choosing the wrong books. Check out our list of 10 Best books for boys…. More

Sandals Foundation: Why Vacationing & Volunteering Mix

The next time you visit a Sandals Resort, think about a million ways you can support their local community..,read on about the Sandals Foundation…and Dwyane Wade’s new role……. More

The Silent Sufferers: Child Molestation

There are various degrees of molestation, no matter the degree the abuse is real and damaging…. More

Tameka Raymond Launches Kamp Kile’s World For Summer 2014

Tameka Raymond’s Kamp Kile’s World kicked off this week in Atlanta…. More

Beach Reads: 10 Books To Take To the Beach

Finally. A moment to head to the beach for some much-needed serenity. Towel? Check. Cover-up? Check. Now all you need are a few good books…here’s 10 beach reads…. More

Balancing Act: 7 Ways to Create Freedom and Structure With Your Children

With school out we take out you’ll be spending a lot more one-on-one time with your little one. Make sure the time is well spent and you create enough freedom for the summer with added structure for growth…. More

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