My Child Is The Only Black Child On the Soccer Team

While I was excited to sign my daughter up for soccer, I was also a little nervous because Cydney would, in fact, be the only black child on the soccer team…. More

My Party of 10: How I Manage 8 Kids Like A Boss!

Redefine the word “bossy?” Please! I did that years ago. As a mother of eight, many ask how I manage eight kids? Simply put: I do it like a boss!… More

I’m Not Co-Dependent…But Am Thinking About Attachment Parenting

Now that I am a parent, I notice that not every situation calls for spanking and not every child responds to such nature. … More

Meet #NoireVIP: Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls Talks Healthy Eating

Sometimes as women and mothers we have to be creative and resourceful and take matters into our own hands. That’s what we love about Agatha Achindu who saw a healthy baby food void and decided to fill it with her amazing company Yummy Spoonfuls, which was founded with the philosophy that healthy babies are happy babies. … More

Mater Mea: Celebrating Motherhood With Christal Brown

mater mea is an online magazine that profiles the lives of working moms of colors through gorgeous photography and compelling features. Here choreographer and professor Christal Brown describes the kind of person she hopes her son becomes…. More

Ready To Wrestle?: World Wrestling Entertainment Is Bringing Motivation To Kids

World Wrestling Entertainment is committed to leveraging the power of its brand and at a recent event they highlighted some upcoming initiatives centered around children, the parenting community and girl power!… More

Seasonably Fashioned: 12 Spring Style Looks for Your Child

While many of us mommies are hitting up sales and clearance racks we shouldn’t forget about our children that have closets deserving of some sprucing, too. Here are 12 spring-inspired styles that your little ones will look amazing rocking to school and on the weekends!… More

Child Beating Videos Go Viral: Is Discipline Entertaining?

We’re in a time of oversharing but when these beating videos go viral, what good comes of it?… More

It’s In The Bag: 7 Simple Lunch Ideas For Kids

It’s a new school year, so what better time to kick up your kids’ cafeteria cuisine with some fresh ideas. Think outside of the (lunch) box with these hearty, healthy recipes courtesy of our friends at iVillage. And be sure to pack an extra one for yourself, too…. More

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