Let It Go: 5 Ways to Cope With Your Child Going Off to College

Have a child going off to college? Find out how you can cope with these tips to help you let go and let them grow…. More

If It Ain’t About the Money: 10 Ways to Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

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Free Activities: 10 Summer Freebies For The Family

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Raising Boys: Would You Let Your Son Wear A Dress?

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#YouOkSis? 5 Things to Teach Our Sons about Street Harassment

You may have seen the #YouOkSis? hashtag popping up around the internet, but have you joined the conversation on street harassment? Or considered what is has to do with your job as a parent? We’re giving you five things to instill in your boys now, so girls don’t have to worry later. … More

“I’ll Cry If I Want To” : How to Deal With Children “Acting Out”

Many children go through periods of acting out. Sometimes it’s grieving a loss, separation, anxiety about a new sibling on the way, moving, etc. Children are resilient and adapt to change rather quickly. However, it’s still a process and can be stressful. Take a few tips from this dad and his journey. … More

The Silent Sufferers: Child Molestation

There are various degrees of molestation, no matter the degree the abuse is real and damaging…. More

Everybody Loves Kids?: 10 Things I Hate About Teens

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If He Puts His Hands on My Daughter: Why We Talk about Teen Dating Violence

The moment I’ve been dreading since my daughter was born has happened. My first born child is officially dating. … More

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