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Kid’s TV: 15 Awesome Kid’s Series on Netflix Now

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Affirmative Action Unfair?: What Mindy Kaling’s Brother Gets Wrong

Over the weekend, social media lit up with the news that Vijay Chokal-Ingam, brother of actress and writer Mindy Kaling, pretended to be Black to get into medical school. Now he’s set to prove Affirmative Action is unfair, here’s why he’s wrong.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama Jokes Daughters Are Not The Influential Ones

FLOTUS recently sat down with “Live With Kelly and Michael” and commented on the fact Time Magazine listed Sasha and Malia as two of the most influential teens of 2014. See why she disagrees inside as well as famed blogger Awesomely Luvvie’s comical take. … More

Mine, His, Ours: Is Parental Gatekeeping Child Abuse?

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12 Quotes from #BlackGirlsRock that Gave Us Our Entire Lives

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Flashback (Good) Friday: 10 Faith-Based Films We Loved

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Growing Pains: Do Your Children Travel Alone?

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Kids Got Confidence: Are You Raising a Narcissist?

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