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Tween Reading List: Books Based on Hit TV Sitcoms

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My Fear of Raising My Black Boy

In raising my black boy, I fear that after all of my efforts to make him a man, he’ll still be a grown baby boy…. More

Remember Martin Luther King Jr: Make The Dream Come Alive for Kids of All Ages

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Blackish: Are You Really Teaching Your Kids Black History?

While the Blackish family prepares for their Martin Luther King, Jr. family ski trip, Andre learns that his son doesn’t know much on MLK… sound a little familiar? How do we get black history into our homes? American history is messy. But does that mean we should just focus on how things are today?… More

Shopping for a Teenage Girl?: 15 Birthday Gift Ideas

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FAMU Hazing Murder: Can You Protect Your College Student?

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Material Girl: Does Cashing Out On the Kids Help or Hurt Them?

A new study has found that the often used reward system of buying the kids new items for good behavior, grades or like and taking it away as punishment could possibly lead to damaging affects in adulthood. See how you may want to change up your how and why you cash out on the kids inside. … More

The Queen Latifah Show: 3 Brave Girls Shock the Nation

Three girls appear on the Queen Latifah Show and shock the nation with their on point culture critique of America and the lessons they learn in school…. More

What Would You Do?: Your Teenage Son Got A Girl Pregnant

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your children. You want them to excel in school, you want them to find their dream job, marry their soul mate, live life and be ... More