Throwback Thursday: The Very Best of A Different World

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Give ‘Em a Break: Overdoing the Extracurricular Activities?

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Campus Culture: HBCU Won’t Solve Taraji’s Racial Profiling Fears

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Is Forgiveness Always Best?: What Our Daughters Can Learn from Mo’ne Davis

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The Real Resolution: Jail Won’t Heal Brooklyn Brawl Teens

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Nowhere Safe?: UVA Student’s Bloody Arrest Sparks Outrage

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How To Black Hair: Girl Wants Her Parents Permission To Rock Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter has a great site called HowToBlackHair.com where she shares tips and advice for taking care of natural hair. Recently, she received a letter from a young fan who says her parents won’t allow her to rock a natural hair style because they don’t think it “looks proper.” … More

Tips on Teaching Your Son to be Wise and Responsible

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