The Look Book: 12 Funky Short Weave Hairstyles

These short weave hairstyles are so fly! Burnt oranges layered into chocolate browns, windswept bangs over half-shaved heads, streaks of purple sprinkled through spikes of black and a ton more details make up these head-turning cropped ‘dos…. More

Get Fishy: 13 Photos of Celebs Rocking A Fishtail Braid

Celebrity hair trends come and come again…hence the fishtail braid making the rounds again in time for spring! Peek how starlets such as RiRi, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Lucy Liu and more rock this trend. … More

Get It Shorty!: 16 Fab Short Hair Looks

Feel like shedding some weight? Well, then you’re due for a sassy short cut!… More

#TeamNatural: 14 Black Celebrity Natural Hairstyles

Hey mamas, are you #teamnatural? If so, please note that the natural hair movement is alive and well in Hollywood. … More

Mix It Up: Have You Tried These DIY Beauty Treatments?

Stop swiping up beauty crap and debut at Sephora and start surfing your cupboard and fridge for some of the ‘hottest’ beauty treatments on the market. From beer hair conditioner to oatmeal water facials — get ready to get your DIY beauty on!… More

12 Celebrity Updo Hairstyles That Rock

From Nicki’s two-toned beehive to Beyonce’s sleek shimmery updo as you get ready to plan your holiday hairstyle we urge you to take a look at how these A-list celebs rock an oldie but a goodie!… More

The Illusion Dress: 11 Celebrities Rock Out

The Illusion Dress is always a show stopper on the Red Carpet simply because it gives the illusion of nudity combined with heart stopping details like lace, rhinestone, feathers and more! Halle, Heidi, RiRi, J-Lo, Bey and more show us exactly why this silk and mirrors trend is on the rise!… More

Meet #NoireVIP: Celebrity Hairstylist Gabrielle Corney On Being A Young Mom and Career, Part 1

As a teen mom, Gabrielle Corney didn’t let anything stop her form pursuing her dreams. Her options were: make it or make it. See how she made it happen in our exclusive interview…. More

Countess Vaughn, Ooze-Gate And Your Kid

Countess Vaughn had used lace front wigs so much that she developed a skin infection that resembles vitiligo. Now, she covers the skin discoloration with thick make-up. All of this spawned from a very popular form of assimilation and possible self-hatred. For me, this became all too real…. More

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