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Welcoming Aunt Flo: How to Handle Your Daughter’s First Period

A girl’s first period marks an important moment in her life. When I first got my period, I remember my mom proudly declaring, “My baby is a woman now.”… More

Jahi McMath Is Still on Life Support, but Is She Alive?

Mom Latasha Winkfield thought her prayers had finally been answered when her daughter Jahi McMath was transferred to an undisclosed medical facility…. More

Being Afraid of Childbirth Might Be One of Causes of Postpartum Depression

When it comes to preventing postpartum depression, it might actually be a case of mind over matter. New research published in the medical journal BMJ Open found that a fear of childbirth might actually be one of the causes of postpartum depression. … More

What You Need to Know About Frostbite and Hypothermia

The weatherman’s saying we’re about to see some of the coldest temperatures we’ve had in years. Schools across the country are delaying or canceling classes so children won’t have to freeze their little faces off waiting at the bus stop…. More

Is Placenta Encapsulation the Answer to Postpartum Depression?

Why this kinda gross practice is worth a second look…. More

Brain Dead Girl Jahi McMath Released from Hospital

After court battles and outcry from her parents, 13-year-old Jahi McMath has been released from the hospital into her mother’s care per a court order, reports CNN. … More

Mama’s Gettin’ Old: Why Your Hangovers Get Worse with Age

When you were younger (before you had kids?) you could drink your weight in liquor. That meant staying out all night on New Year’s Eve and making it to brunch on New Year’s Day the next day…. More

Kids and Vitamins: What Parents Should Know

Every morning, millions of parents send their kids to school with a hug and a multivitamin. … More

Why Your Pregnancy Weight Gain May Need to Be Higher

But doctors are worried that some women aren’t gaining enough weight–and that can be bad for baby. In fact, a new study from the University of Maryland School of Maryland found that women who don’t gain enough weight during their pregnancy are at a high risk of losing their baby in the first year of life…. More

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