Meet #NoireVIP Somaya Reece: New Look, New Music, New Me, Part 1

VH1′s Love And Hip Hop New York TV personality & recording artist Somaya Reece brings a realistic approach to fitness. … More

Ready To Wrestle?: World Wrestling Entertainment Is Bringing Motivation To Kids

World Wrestling Entertainment is committed to leveraging the power of its brand and at a recent event they highlighted some upcoming initiatives centered around children, the parenting community and girl power!… More

15 Ways To A Healthier Breakfast!

Take your health into your own hands ladies! Oftentimes we are overlooking simple ways to remove calories and add fiber to our daily intake. Flip through to see some creative ways to make your mornings healthier!… More

Body Shaming is No Laughing Matter

Yes, I have stretch marks, a c-section scar, and little more bounce to the ounce in my rear end, so instead of feeling ashamed of those things I’d make jokes about it, as if to say, “it is what it is.” … More

Are Drugs Responsible for Kim Zolciak’s Post Baby Body?

Just days after delivering her twins, the last of her six children, reality star Kim Zolciak was seen walking the streets with a surprisingly small waist…. More

Keepin’ It Tight and Right: Postpartum Body Shapers

Postpartum garments, girdles, belly binders and postpartum cinchers can be a new mother’s best friend. Body shapers provide much-needed relief, support and contour for the body. … More

Sweat it Out: 13 Affordable Sports Bras

Sweat it out, in style! Ladies, we must be careful to make sure when working out (which we all should be doing, spring is right around the corner) we are protecting our upper body with ... More

Michelle Obama Dunks on Miami Heat Players in Hilarious Let’s Move Video

If there's one thing I love about Michelle Obama, it's her sense of humor. The issue of childhood obesity really serious, of course, but she's tried to inspire and educate us all to do something ... More

8 Ways Get Fit in 2014 Even if You Hate to Exercise

It’s a new year and once that clock struck midnight, people everywhere vowed to hit the gym more – even if they hate the gym. … More

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