Somaya Reece Wants You To Make A Commitment To Living Healthy Now

First, I am going to give it to you straight, no chaser. If you want the real deal on fitness and health, I am your girl. … More

Coping With Loss: Helping Your Kids Through Death

As time progresses, so do life’s hardships that we as parents cannot prevent, specifically suffering the loss of a loved one…. More

Manic Memoirs: Sleeping My Way To The Top

As I travel this journey through my own mental health after my fairly recent bipolar disorder II diagnosis, I have discovered now more than ever the importance of adequate sleep on my body, and thus my mental health…. More

High On Life: Moms Who Smoke Marijuana

Forget the wine! There’s a new way to unwind after a long day as moms who smoke marijuana sweep the nation…. More

No Cancer, You Can’t Have My Best Friend

What do you do when your best friend tells you she has cancer?… More

15 Ways To A Healthier Breakfast!

Take your health into your own hands ladies! Oftentimes we are overlooking simple ways to remove calories and add fiber to our daily intake. Flip through to see some creative ways to make your mornings healthier!… More

The Aunty Chronicles: Let’s Talk Being 40 And Fearless

Being 40 and fearless has come to me through my triumphs over adversity and my willingness to persevere…. More

My Manic Memoirs: Happiness…Go Get You Some

I figured I had a happiness limit and if I came too close to that limit, or exceeded it, the universe would be forced to cut me down to size, humble me and remind me who was in charge…. More

Body Cleanse Foods: 14 Foods That Detox Your Liver

You may remember some basic characteristics of the liver; It’s the second largest organ in the body, trumped only by that of skin and it’s responsible for digesting food, making protein, and getting rid of bad stuff. It’s a multitasking organ that you need to survive which is why keeping it free of toxins is vital. … More

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