Daddy Speaks: My Two Year Paternity Leave is Over

A two year paternity leave is not easy to walk away from, but one father does so with ease and grace. You’ll be surprised to see who he’s most concerned about and how the little one handles it. In a routine transition? We’re showing you it’s not as scary as it seems. … More

The Stakes is High: Is the Music Industry Out to Destroy Our Kids?

While hard-hitting, explicit rap has been around for more than two decades, there used to be a balance. And the current lack of balance is hurting our youth. Is the music industry to blame?… More

Is Reckless And Abusive Anger Ruining Your Relationships?

Is anger ruining your relationships? When you were a child and trauma happened you had no choice. As an adult you have a choice…. More

Taking Your Kid To Work: What Your Office Is Really Thinking

Remember, the goal here is for us to create a world where companies actually want to hire us mothers. So we must disguise ourselves. … More

Back To School Shopping: 6 Ways To Save

Break out of your traditional shopping habits, and you can save a small fortune when back to school shopping…. More

Let’s Get It On!: Keeping the Kids from Blocking Your Sex Life

Hot, steamy date nights. Romantic walks in the park. Fogging up the windows. Remember those days?  If you can’t remember, then chances are you’ve got kids. How do you find time for a sex life despite the kids?… More

11 Essential Books: The Mom’s Guilty Pleasure Reading List

Steamy romances, big adventures and street lit classics make up the perfect reading list for moms…. More

“Me Time:” What We Wish For and What Really Winds Up Happening

Are you in dire need of some “me time?” As parents it can be hard to find those moments, but when you do you plan some grand event that doesn’t happen. Instead be a little more realistic with yourself and do one of these!… More

Mater Mea: Celebrating Motherhood With Alex Elle

To her 200,000+ international social media followers, Alex Elle (as Alexandra Smith is more commonly known) is the face of pure bliss. … More

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