Before You Kick The Bucket… : 15 Things To Add To The Bucket List

Essentially, a bucket list is a list of things to do before you, well, kick the bucket. Not to say that any of us are going anywhere anytime soon, but it is a good idea ... More

From Books to Boutiques: Mompreneur Dominique Penn Talks Family, Balance & Entrepreneurship

Picture yourself running after two growing toddler boys and managing a booming boutique by day, while running a successful blog and authoring children’s books by night. Check inside to see how this mompreneur does it and what advice she has for you!… More

The Mom in Me: What I learned about Time Management… it doesn’t exist

Breastfeed, change diaper, nap, work, cook, husband… See how one new mom realizes that time has now become a thing of the past and how she’s handling it like a pro! No more planning, just daily walking in your vision. … More

#GoMommy: Top Lessons At ‘Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend’

So fortunate to attend Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend in New Jersey, I’m sharing some of the best things Oprah said on the opening night…. More

Turn Out The Lights: Rest for The Sleep Deprived Mom

Are you a sleep deprived mom? Making it a priority is essential to daily functioning, and being there for our families. Read these tips to get some zzz’s…. More

7 Things Every Mom Needs To Hear

Here are a few things I think every mom needs to hear a little bit more often, even if we have to say them to ourselves. … More

5 Tips for Moms Struggling With Work Life Balance

As the first female – and first Black – elected lieutenant governor of Florida, Jennifer Carroll knows lots about work life balance…. More

Adoption May Be The Answer

What happens when you’ve reached a bunch of personal and professional milestones, but still don’t have a relationship and a child? Our writer considers adoption…. More

Morning Motivation 101: Dream It, Map It, Live It!

Have you really mapped out your goals? Find out how to make those dreams a reality here…. More

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