Real Mom Realities: Balance, Who Needs It?!

I hate the B-word! This infatuation with balance has become a fad, second only to reality TV. So stop looking for balance! It doesn’t exist.

Taking Time for You: Get Your Sexy Back

Owning the sexy is everything for women, especially sisters. If your sexy isn’t right, the game is O-F-F. … More

My Party of 10: How I Manage 8 Kids Like A Boss!

Redefine the word “bossy?” Please! I did that years ago. As a mother of eight, many ask how I manage eight kids? Simply put: I do it like a boss!… More

Manic Memoirs: Sleeping My Way To The Top

As I travel this journey through my own mental health after my fairly recent bipolar disorder II diagnosis, I have discovered now more than ever the importance of adequate sleep on my body, and thus my mental health…. More

I’m Not Co-Dependent…But Am Thinking About Attachment Parenting

Now that I am a parent, I notice that not every situation calls for spanking and not every child responds to such nature. … More

Daddy Speaks: The Time I Brought My Child To A Job Interview

What do you do when there’s no sitter and you have a job interview? Our writer shares his experience of bringing his daughter to a job interview and how Shanesha Taylor could be any of us…. More

No Cancer, You Can’t Have My Best Friend

What do you do when your best friend tells you she has cancer?… More

The Other Side Of Pain: Letting Go Of Anger

When your relationship dissolves, how do you start letting go of anger for the betterment yourself…and your child?… More

How To Date A Single Mom: I’m A Package Deal

It isn’t easy dating as a single mom; you want someone who understands that you’re a package deal but not necessarily seeking an instant dad…. More

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