Postpartum Ideas: How To Rekindle the Romance After a Baby

Well, the time has come and boy am I ready to roll down the blinds and turn things up. But rather than jump into it, I thought it would be more memorable to add some spice to the usual routine. Here are some postpartum ideas to rekindle the romance after baby…. More

Abiola’s Love Class: Why Love Succeeds Or Fails

“What do you think love is?” It’s such a simple question, but one that we rarely ask upfront. It’s usually not until a relationship doesn’t work out that we realize that we had different ideas from our sweetie about what love is – or isn’t…. More

Stranger In My House: Copi​ng With Feeling Alone in a Relationsh​ip

You had a long day at work. At the moment, nothing would be better than going home and being greeted with a nice big hug and a soft kiss to take your mind off the day, but instead when you get home your lover barely looks your way…. More

Abiola’s Love Class! Twitter Preacher Reverend Kia on Escaping an Abusive Relationship

Today, we talk to a powerful 28-year old minister, Kia Granberry. She may look like a pop singer or Hollywood actress but Kia heard her calling at an early age. She has a powerful following of parishioners, students, fans and supporters at…. More

Daddy Speaks: My Take On Leaving My Child With A Significant Other

I’m the single father to a three-year-old girl whose mother passed away. I don’t have to worry about the thoughts or opinions of my child’s mother wondering who I let around my daughter and since I write about raising her alone, I get offers all of the time from women who ask to watch my daughter…. More

Black Love On Film: 13 Memorable On-Screen Couples

Hollywood has a history of being afraid to show intimate black folks on-screen, you know? …that good genuine compassion between a black man and black woman free of “drama.” Not to say we are completely drama-free folks, but happy endings do exist in reality and it’s nice to see that on-screen…. More

The Other Side Of Pain: Letting Go Of Anger

When your relationship dissolves, how do you start letting go of anger for the betterment yourself…and your child?… More

How To Date A Single Mom: I’m A Package Deal

It isn’t easy dating as a single mom; you want someone who understands that you’re a package deal but not necessarily seeking an instant dad…. More

Abiola’s Love Class: No Online Dating Until You Read This!

If you think that online dating is just for needy and desperate people, you’re still living in the dark ages. Cancel your dial-up and pay attention because investing time in your own love life has never been easier. In this comprehensive guide to online dating we wanted to make sure that you knew the ins, outs, ups and downs needed for your love journey. After all, your Mommy Noire Love Class is all about you being an empowered woman, loving herself and being an asset to the world…. More

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