Flashback Friday: Life Lessons from Demetria Lucas of “Blood, Sweat and Heels”

Demetria Lucas is much more than just the latest reality star. The educated beauty and southern belle is a journalist, life coach and award-winning blogger…. More

Paul Carrick Brunson: Exclusive Love Advice

Paul Carrick Brunson is not just Oprah Winfrey’s love guru. He’s one of the top matchmakers. … More

Nothing but a Number? Why the Number of People You’ve Slept With Doesn’t Matter…

Sometimes others make a big deal out of the number of people you’ve slept with. Here’s why we shouldn’t…. More

Turn It Up: 10 Ideas To Keep Romance Alive

Here’s a cool rundown of action items to request from, or give to, your partner any day of the year. Don’t let the romance die after date night is long gone…

Black Love: 17 Celebrity Couples on the Cover

We love black love and we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite couples in Hollywood through magazine covers, you’ll love this!… More

The Side Piece: Is Today’s TV Culture Making Them Acceptable?

It’s bad enough when men cheat, but to cheat on television or in the public eye seems a tad bit out of line to me. Why is side piece culture OK?… More

Two Decades of Black Love: Debbie Allen and Norm Nixon

Since 1984, Debbie Allen and Norm Nixon has been a celebrity couple favorite. Nixon is a retired NBA player and Debbie Allen is best known for her role in the 1982 TV Series Fame and ... More

The Female Orgasm 101: Orgasmic Questions, Climactic Advice

Achieving “the female orgasm.” Elusive for some, mind blowing for others but never dull. “Love-Body-Spirit” coach Abiola Abrams talks orgasms & women…. More

Taleema Talks: When Sexting Goes Wrong

Columnist Taleema on sexting: should you indulge or not? Hear what she has to say about the simple act that can have crazy repercussions.

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