5 Lies Parents Tell Their Children

With Easter coming up this weekend I have had to answer many questions about the Easter Bunny (reminder: I need to head to the mall and take my daughter to see him!) and that made me think about the five lies parents tell…. More

Call Child Services! Mimi Faust And Stevie J’s Daughter Needs You

Clearly, Mimi didn’t ponder the long-term or short-term affects her sex romp will have on her five-year-old cutie pie. The kids and their cruelties will one day eat the child alive…. More

I’ll Never Do That Again: Was Your First Pregnancy Your Last?

Pregnancy and delivery is definitely no joke. For me, pregnancy and delivery was one of the toughest things that I have ever experienced in my entire life. The change a woman’s body goes through to carry a child truly boggles the mind. Our bodies literally stretch to hold a growing infant and our uterus’ efface (soften and thin out) to make way for their delivery into the world.  It is a process that is beautifully complex and there’s nothing else in the world that I can think of that compares to it. Read on…… More

Which One Are You?: The Six Types Of Moms You Meet At School

So for all you new mothers whose children are just entering elementary school, or find yourself asking: “what’s the deal with these women?” here’s a list of six moms you will meet… More

The Power Of The Get-Along Shirt

When the same two kids go at it all day, every day, several times a day…well, that’s where I draw the line. Time for the get-along shirt!… More

I Caught My Son, Again, In The Act

I am not the “cool mom.” I am not going to put condoms in a jar and allow girls to come “hang out” with him in his room. … More

Jada Pinkett Smith: 13 Fashion-Forward Moments

Fierce doesn’t begin to describe Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith. From fly MILF to red carpet diva, to stylish urbanista, Jada’s style game is A-class…. More

Solange Hair Evolution: 15 Photos Of Her Tress Changes

Like many of us, Solange’s creativity has transpired through her hairstyles. Travel with her through her teenage love of fire red braids, her straight blunt bangs, over to her big chop and all of the fab curly looks given forth and then we come full circle. Take a gander!

Solange Hair Evolution: 15 Photos of Tressful Changes… More

A Fresh Start For Spring!: 5 Tips For Carving Out Me Time Now

As a busy mother with a high-powered career, a hubby and a 19-month old baby, and a blog, I hardly have time for myself. This spring, I’ve promised myself that I will carve out–at least once a week–a little me time. Join me, mamas!… More

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