Loving My In-Laws From A Distance After My Wife’s Passing

I had to negotiate my visitation rights in front of a judge with my in-laws like they were the ones I married. … More

Exclusive Interview: Coach Of The Year LeVelle Moton On Musical Chairs And New Edition

North Carolina Central University’s Coach LeVelle Moton led his team, The Eagles, to victory in the NCAA Championships. We talk to the man–a father of two and husband–about his life and what the future holds…. More

A Daddy Speaks: It Takes A Village to Raise a Child

When I started here at MommyNoire I intended to tell stories about how little I knew about being a dad; things that would make you laugh about how I put diapers on inside out or said something unknowingly insensitive to my wife. This wasn’t the story I thought I’d ever tell. And it won’t be. Instead of focusing on the worst, scariest week of my life, I’d rather focus on the people that got us through it. The family and friends that pulled together and provided us with the strength, guidance and help to survive a week in which we weren’t sure our son would come home…. More

My Child Is The Only Black Child On the Soccer Team

While I was excited to sign my daughter up for soccer, I was also a little nervous because Cydney would, in fact, be the only black child on the soccer team…. More

Stranger In My House: Copi​ng With Feeling Alone in a Relationsh​ip

You had a long day at work. At the moment, nothing would be better than going home and being greeted with a nice big hug and a soft kiss to take your mind off the day, but instead when you get home your lover barely looks your way…. More

Daddy Speaks: The Time I Brought My Child To A Job Interview

What do you do when there’s no sitter and you have a job interview? Our writer shares his experience of bringing his daughter to a job interview and how Shanesha Taylor could be any of us…. More

Daddy Speaks: My Take On Leaving My Child With A Significant Other

I’m the single father to a three-year-old girl whose mother passed away. I don’t have to worry about the thoughts or opinions of my child’s mother wondering who I let around my daughter and since I write about raising her alone, I get offers all of the time from women who ask to watch my daughter…. More

Daddy Speaks: NFL Pro Justin Forsett Talks…Breastfeeding

As a NFL pro running back, Justin Forsett knows a lot about evading obstacles, being agile and putting in work for the team. But as new dad to his son, Judah, he has one big admission: “To be honest, I knew nothing about breastfeeding before my wife told me about it. What I learned is that, like football, breastfeeding is a team sport.”… More

Countess Vaughn, Ooze-Gate And Your Kid

Countess Vaughn had used lace front wigs so much that she developed a skin infection that resembles vitiligo. Now, she covers the skin discoloration with thick make-up. All of this spawned from a very popular form of assimilation and possible self-hatred. For me, this became all too real…. More