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We Can Be Heroes: What Happens When Superman Gets Old And Fat?

The other day, I was slouched on the couch, clearly in sloth mode. My daughter was in a nearby chair.  Suddenly, an exciting commercial came on. It was a Reebok ad and it had a ... More

Leave LeBron’s Son Alone – Or Not

LeBron’s son is…already getting offers and scholarships to go to colleges. And – guess what? His famous father is not happy…. More

Bobbi Kristina: We Have To Change How We Rear Our Children

It is my hope that Bobbi Kristina Brown serve as a reminder to be compassionate, loving and more mindful of how we treat celebs, their issues and their families. … More

Dating on My Daughter’s Valentine’s Day Birthday

One single dad’s daughter has a Valentine’s Day birthday. That can make dating hard but it can also be a blessing…. More

5 Reasons Why Boxing For Girls Is A Great Idea

Boxing for girls is a great confidence booster and gets you super fit!… More

The Parent Response To The President Obama State Of The Union Address

Parents face a quandary as well, and President Obama addressed those concerns in his speech…. More

Wendy’s Fast Food Takes A Healthier Route

Wendy’s fast food is taking a step in the right direction by eliminating soda from their kid meals…. More

Touching Video: Gay Dads Kordale And Kaleb

Last year, dads Kodale and Kaleb were surprised when a picture of them doing their daughters’ hair went viral…. More

Weed Legalization: Bad Parents And Good 2Chainz!

These are not your parents’ parents running the streets these days–take rapper 2Chainz for example…… More