The Mom in Me: “You Think You Know, but You Have No Idea”

Was this motherhood? A second by second order my steps and lean on the Lord at the edge of your sanity type life. Would I ever be at ease again knowing? How was I to function in this world? Live by instinct over intellect? Who does these things?… a mom…. More

Shame One Me!: I Left My Kids In The Car

You hear the stories of parents who leave kids in the car, but have you slipped up and made this mistake? Kim Osorio tells her story, and lesson learned…. More

An Introverted Mom’s Guide To Making Friends On The Playground

Although it is a source of great joy, parenting is not an easy job. If you are an introverted mom, raising children who are outgoing can be even more challenging…. More

Do Celebrity Moms Inspire You?

A study says mothers view celebrity moms as their inspiration for maintaining a good work life balance. Do they inspire you?… More

#Babyologie: She’s Here! 41 Weeks Later…

A funny thing happens when you’re pregnant with your first child and you only have a few weeks left–all patience goes out the window. #Babyologie is here!… More

Why I Got My Tubes Tied

At the age of 26, I made the decision to have a tubal ligation, or what is commonly referred to as a woman having a her tubes tied. … More

A Mommy Minute: Realistic Tips For Taking Mommy Breaks  

Mommy breaks are mandatory because if you are happy, as balanced as you can be, and at peace, then your whole household will be too…. More

Got Multiples?: How To Navigate The Day With Twins

Having twins or multiples means doing things slightly different, especially when you go on outings…. More

I Never Appreciated My Single Mom — Until I Became One Myself

I didn’t realize how hard my single mom worked … until I was working that hard, too. Even though it was temporarily, I thought: being a single mom sucks…. More

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