11 Luxe Diaper Bags Worth Toting Around

Rock diaper bags that look more ready for the runway than the playground. Take a peek at these 11 luxe diaper bags that will keep Mommy Fab on high…. More

The Mom in Me: What I learned about Time Management… it doesn’t exist

Breastfeed, change diaper, nap, work, cook, husband… See how one new mom realizes that time has now become a thing of the past and how she’s handling it like a pro! No more planning, just daily walking in your vision. … More

#InstaQuotes: 16 Tony Gaskins Quotes on Love and Life

In a world where non-commitment, infidelity, and ratchet behavior gets glorified- Tony Gaskins is a refreshing voice to see someone speaking to the polar opposite. His ability to paint a picture of what love looks and feels like is inspiring. … More

Eyelash Extensions 101: Tips To Tighten Up Your Lash Game

Lashes are the latest in beauty accessorizing. Here are some great tips on easy and effortless ways to wear eyelash extensions…. More

The Power of Being Single

After years of being in and out of relationships, have you ever taken the time to understand yourself? Check out Abiola Abrams article on being single…. More

10 Wonderful Winter Breakfast Recipes

When it gets cold, a bowl of cereal just won't cut it any more. That's why we've rounded up some fabulous winter breakfast recipes. Hearty and delicious, these breakfasts will stay with you all through ... More

Entertaining Guide: Tricky Halloween Treats For Ghosts And Goblins

We’ve done us all the favor and compiled a little list of tricky Halloween treats from the generous recipe sharing chefs over at Food Network…. More

Meet Their Kids: Tisha Campbell Martin’s Adorable Sons

Tisha Campbell Martin and actor Duane Martin have been married for 17 years. Together they have two sons Xen, 12 and Ezekiel Czar, 4. The Martin’s eldest son Xen was diagnosed with autism. Since the diagnosis, the family has been on a mission to raise awareness about the disorder. … More

Fashion With Curves: 8 Trendy Curvy Girl Coats & Ways to Rock Them

This season, coats are becoming more innovative and creative with designs, textures and shape. These creative vibes are definitely a staple piece for every stylish woman on the move!… More

Traveling With Kids?: 15 Tips To Keep You Sane

From remembering the Dramamine to giving them responsibilities, we’ve got 15 tips on how to keep your kids cool even while they’re trippin’ for hours…. More

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