Cranberry Pear Gingerbread Muffins, Delish

12 Delightful Gingerbread Recipes

Gingerbread is practically a staple of the holiday season because so many of us use it to craft up those cute little homes or bake gingerbread men cookies. … More

Fox News Anchor: Santa Claus is White Because Jesus is White

Slate contributor Aisha Harris confirmed what I’ve been saying for years; Santa Claus shouldn’t have to be white. … More

Striving For A Less Materialistic Christmas

Every night it’s a fight with the kids about putting up their toys. “Get all the Legos up,” I’d bark at them. “Put your toy trains away. Why is your easel in the middle of the floor? Didn’t I ask you to pick up these blocks?”… More

Reality TV: Andrea Kelly Of ‘Hollywood Exes’ – Life Without R. Kelly

Andrea Kelly, the quick witted, straight, no chaser cast member of VH-1’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes” has stepped out of the shadows of her former musical prodigy and controversial ex husband, R. Kelly–and hasn’t looked back…. More

Mom and Daughter Write Tips on Dating for Teenagers

You dreaded it but the moment’s here; your baby wants to go out on dates. But do they know what the heck they’re doing? Mom Susan Bitar and her 17-year-old daughter Sophia Davis say the boys are completely clueless, leaving girls to do everything short of picking out their ties…. More

Obama Selfies: 15 Funny Flicks and Photobombs

Ahhh gotta love a good selfie right? With the Obama-selfie-gate running around both traditional and new media, we decided to make a photo tribute to some of the most touching, humorous, raw and quirky Obama selfies. On deck we have awesome photobombs courtesy of Malia, peace signs thrown up by the girls, Obama caught on his cellie (over and over again) and of course the selfie seen around the world!

“If I Had Kids, My Kids Would Hate Me”: Oprah Talks Never Having Children

Oprah is a giving person with a big heart, but the media superstar doesn’t think that’s a good reason to have children of her own…. More

Noire VIP: Tammy Ford – Balancing a Star Studded Career and Family

Before the infamous Puffy/J-Lo incident that ended in a shooting, Tammy Ford was a model with a catchy name and one of the top female nightlife promoters in New York. At a Tammy Ford party you were bound to see anybody and everybody, but she gave it all up because she had dreams to settle down and raise a family…. More

13 New Years Eve Party Decorations Ideas

Wow, can you believe that 2013 is almost done? Nope, neither can we, but alas if you’re gonna go out, you might as well go out with a bang via these DIY friendly and inspirational decor ideas. From cupcake toppers to cheesy hats to countdown clocks and colored champagne, we’re pretty sure that you’ll find a few ways to make this year’s event, the best yet!
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12 Adorable, Doable DIY Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are the appetizer to the main course (bigger gifts). Here are some easy DIY stocking stuffers you can make in a snap…. More