Meet Harvard Law’s Youngest Black Graduate In History

We’re especially excited to hear about one graduate, Cortland Wickliff, who will become the Harvard Law School’s youngest black graduate in history at age 22…. More

Walmart Accuses White Father of Kidnapping His Biracial Daughters

In 2013, it should be understood that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But at a Walmart in Prince William County, Virginia, a man was stopped when they thought he was kidnapping his own daughters,… More

Oops: Jay-Z Says Beyonce Isn’t Actually Pregnant

Just as the world got ready to welcome another little Queen Bey, Jay-Z says he and his superstar wife aren’t actually going to be having another child any time soon, reports the Huffington Post…. More

Are You Too Picky for Love? Selective Dating & Single Women

When we were growing up, commercials told us that “choosy moms” selected a specific kind of peanut butter because they wanted the best for their families. At the same time, us kids who were “picky eaters” were probably a source of stress to our “choosy moms.”… More

Beauty Expert: Glam with Genna: Best Beauty Brands

Welcome to Glam with Genna! I am a professional makeup artist and a bi-weekly Beauty Expert columnist for Within my column, I will be covering all the hot beauty trends, product must-haves, and the best ways to get the ‘look’ that you are seeking…. More

“My Dad Taught Me…”

There are many things in my life that I can attribute entirely to my daddy’s influence. Seeking out new music, burying my head in a book, and shaking my head at uptight fools are the top three. … More

15 Fab Gifts for Dad under $50

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Mommy In Chief: Actress Kym Whitley Talks New Baby & Food Allergies for Kids

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UK Doctors Scramble to Curb Measles Outbreak

The Associated Press reports that about 15 years after parents refused to vaccinate more than a million children for measles because of an alleged link to autism, many kids are now sick. Doctors are rushing to treat affected children and vaccinate the rest…. More

Suit & Tie: 11 Female Celebrities Who Can Rock ‘Em

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