The Buzz: Pharrell’s Winning Season

Williams’ ‘G I R L’ LP drops today and even through the backlash regarding the lack of melanin in the models chosen, Pharrell is coasting: “I’m standing by a black woman. My business is run by a black woman. My mom partially looks after my business and she’s a black woman. I’m married to a black woman.”

The Slim Down: Carrot and Mango Smoothie

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12 Postpartum Workouts: Which To Try And Which To Avoid

We give you the real deal on postpartum workouts that you can safely get into–after you doctor gives you the clear, of course–and the low-down on those you should skip for now…. More

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Top Black Models: 9 Classic Throwback Photos

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10 Fab Designer Logo Nail Art Looks

When it comes to our nails, no stone is left unscratched. These designer logo nail art looks are actually really quite good. By far the Chanel logo is the most used followed by Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton…. More

Room Divider Ideas : 12 Simple, Creative DIY Solutions

Room divider ideas are one of my top favorite decor discussions simply because with so many people either living on a tight budget and/or cramped space, they immediately provide a relief from both. Look for inspiration in discarded doors, photos, bookcases, strips of cloth, unique fabrications, brilliant colors and strategic placement within the home. These pieces are also great for those with big spaces i.e., lofts or for kids rooms or when you need to divvy up a home office from the main living room space…. More

Plus Size Day to Evening Dresses: 10 Haute Styles

These Plus Size Day to Evening Dresses are sultry, sassy, sophisticated and slamming! Mesh inserts, juicy colors, daring necklines, gorgeous fabrication and peek-a-boo details make these a win. For many of these pieces you simply need to add a blazer or a scarf with muted accessories for a proper daytime look and then pump up the volume with your makeup and accessories for the evening.