Style File: 12 Idris Elba Fashion Looks

If there’s anyone you want to take fashion tips from, it should be from a heartthrob. Women love Idris Elba. So Idris Elba fashion inspiration is a win-win…. More

Ciara And Future Split

No couple is safe from the evil known as the entertainment industry–with news of a Ciara and Future split, according to Us magazine. … More

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown: People Shouldn’t Have to Prove They Are Respectable Victims

Michael Brown’s unfortunate story is one of many and we stand with these families and against these actions of misused force as many take to social media to show their support for the victim and disapproval of his and many others portrayal in the media. … More

Growth Spurt: 4 Tips When Buying Her First Bra

A girl’s first bra is a rite of passage. Here are some tips from lingerie specialist Kelly O’Brien when shopping for your daughter’s first bra…. More

Beauty And The Feast: 6 Super Nourishing Beauty Products

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Closet Case: 10 Kid Friendly Closet Ideas

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Mommy Noire Exclusive: Monie Love Still In The Middle…Of Motherhood

Mommynoire’s Kim Osorio caught up with hip-hop icon Monie Love to talk about motherhood, her work in the community, and of course, hip-hop…. More

BBQ Your Breakfast: 5 Sweet and Savory Recipes

Need to add some fun to your breakfast? Get on the grill! With these 5 fun recipes you’ll be sure to enjoy time with the family while making enjoyable noms…. More

Mel B: 11 Mommy Fab Flicks With The Kiddies

Mel B is one hands-on, spicy mama with plenty of style and beauty to go around; see her and the kids during birthday parties, working out and sleepovers. … More

Models Without Makeup: 12 Unbelievable Flicks

These models without makeup flicks will unveil who really has flawless skin, almond shaped eyes, lush lips and more! Take a peek…. More

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