jack yates high school

Administrator in Trouble for Telling Students to Stop Dressing Like “Hoes”

A Houston educator might be in big trouble with the school board after a recent assembly. Dr. Tameca Richardson told an auditorium full of Jack Yates High School’s female students to stop dressing like “hoes”…. More

Nia Long on Motherhood: “Working Was Like a Mini Vacation”

Nia Long is one of our favorite women in Hollywood. She seems to have it all. At 43, she’s had a long, successful career, has a strong relationship with NBA assistant coach Ime Udoka and two beautiful sons…. More

Magic Johnson Talks about His Gay Son on World AIDS Day

In a recent panel discussion for World AIDS Day, Earvin “Magic” Johnson joined Pastor Toure Roberts, sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross, TV personality Lala Anthony and author Demetria Lucas at New York’s Apollo Theater. … More

12 Darling Girls Winter Coats

These kids’ winter coats are absolutely adorable! Haute looks include leopard prints, vintage swing coats, oversized bows, cashmere and silk blends and a treasure chest of jewel tones. Check ‘em out!
12 Darling Girls Winter Coats… More

Count Down to Christmas with These DIY Advent Calendars

Christmas will soon be here which means the countdown to gifts and good times is well on its way. Some may celebrate with a daily reminder via yelling and screaming but I always liked using an Advent calendar. … More

Jackson, Sophia Are Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

Looking back on this year, experts have seen a big change in the names parents are choosing for their babies. According to information released by BabyCenter, the most popular baby names of 2013 aren’t trendy names that celebrities have chosen for their children; it’s traditional, family names…. More

TD Jakes Daughter Talks Being More than “Just” a Teen Mom

It is no secret that Bishop T.D. Jakes’ daughter Sarah, became pregnant at the age of 14. Barely a teenager, she had to find her way under the scrutiny of the church and the world, facing the judgement of outsiders wondering how a “preacher’s kid” ends up a teen mom. … More

Dinner Done Fast: Artichoke Chicken Pizza

You spent the better part of last week cooking til you were ready to drop. Now it’s time to just throw something together so you can eat…. More

I’m Sharing my Daughter with Her Father for the Holidays

Last weekend, I packed a bag and prepared for a holiday road trip. But I wasn’t heading to grandma’s house for a turkey dinner. I was packing up my daughter. … More

Cozy Up: 11 Christmas Stories to Read to Your Babies

Every child loves Christmas characters! Make it fun by introducing them to: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph and even Clifford.  Mommynoire rounded up some of our favorite Christmas stories for you--be sure to click the link ... More