Nelson Mandela

Remebering Madiba: What I Hope My Children Learn from Nelson Mandela

The world has taken a moment to pause and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela, and what an incredible life it was. For many of us, his contributions to humanity are so big that it feels as though any words we might use to capture his essence will undoubtedly fall short. … More

Should We Be Able to Hear the Newtown 911 Tapes?

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook and a year later, everyone’s still looking for answers. That’s part of the reason why, earlier this week, the recordings of the 911 calls that brought police to the school were released earlier this week. … More

Kids Try to Beat the Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detector Test to be on Santa’s Good List

Jimmy Kimmel, who is forever messing with kids for our benefit, gave kid a fake lie detector test to decide who’s going to be on Santa’s naughty list this year…. More

15 Scrumptious Christmas Morning Recipes

While our kiddos and other members of our household may focus their efforts on gifts, tons of us mommies will also be thinking about things needed that don’t come wrapped in a pretty bow. … More

10 Super Easy Egg Suppers to Make Tonight

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast! With a salad and some crusty bread, you’ve made a cheap, satisfying meal in no time…. More

The Post-Baby Body Selfie That Has Moms Everywhere Upset

Moms and body image are in the news again. This time, it's because Norwegian fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen posted a photo of herself on Instagram four days postpartum. She's wearing just a bra and ... More

Perez Hilton to Star in Reality Series “Gay Dads of New York”. Will You Watch?

Not content to rule the Internet, gossip blogger Perez Hilton is on his way to our TVs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s set to start in a new reality show, Gay Dads of New York…. More

No, I Don’t Think Strangers Need to Get Over My Kid’s Public Tantrums

Yesterday, I read Caitlin Coakley Bucknerā€™s Unpopular Opinion: Sometimes My Kid Throws Tantrums in Public, And Everyone Should Just Deal With It She lets her child throw a temper tantrum in the store with no kind of reprimand or action. … More

Tamera Mowry-Housley Shows Her Off Baby Weight Loss on Instagram

Baby Aden just turned one last month but mom Tamera Mowry-Housley has another reason to celebrate: she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight and she looks amazing. She posted a cute collage starring Aden and her ... More

Aw! The Game Gets Emotional Talking About Daughter on Arsenio

Thugs have feelings, too. That’s what we learned when the Game stopped by Arsenio recently…. More