Man Leaves Baby in Car While He Shops at Best Buy

News4Jax in Florida reports 34-year-old Haider Hassan Khudhair Darwash was arrested after a trooper found his 2-month-old son locked in the car in a Best Buy parking lot at 5:30 pm on Thursday…. More

No More Kid Selfies: How All Those Photos Make Our Kids Brats

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Evelyn Lozada is Pregnant!

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School Won’t Expel Girl for Her Hair But Says She Still Has to Change It

Earlier this week, the story of Vanessa VanDyke, a middle schooler facing expulsion because of her thick, natural hair got a lot of people upset. The Orlando student was told she had to either straighten or cut her hair if she wanted to stay at Faith Christian Academy… More

Leave Santa Alone. Or else.

Ah, parenthood. There’s always something to debate. Tis the season for the everlasting Santa debate. I am fiercely pro Santa. I verge on the brink of holiday obnoxiousness. It’s my favorite time of the year and having children gives me an excuse to go nuts without judgement…. More

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Why I’m Keeping My Ex’s Last Name

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How I Learned to be More Grateful

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