First Lady Michelle Obama: 13 Stylish Candid Pics

These First Lady Michelle Obama pics include her fab style (formal and casual wear) during sit-downs with global leaders or kicking with Ellen. … More

One Thing Every Relationship Could Use More Of…And It’s Not Sex!

Sex isn’t the only thing your relationship is probably missing and no, we’re not thinking entirely about communication either…. More

The Little Black Dress: Don’t Miss These 13 Hollywood Trends

From Riri’s 90s slip dress to Lala’s fringes to Jourdan’s PVC frock, these A-listers sure know how to rock the latest twists in the little black dress…. More

Back To School Shopping: 12 Great Fashion Finds For Teenage Boys

We have you covered on great fashion finds for teenage boys so he won’t look at you like, you don’t expect me to wear that, do you? … More

Weird Science: Does Weight Gain Have an Affect on Your Personality?

Science has already proven that losing weight can alter your personality. But there’s one specific trait that you get with weight gain. What is it?… More

Only The Bold: 13 Pics of Star Styled Statement Necklaces

These A-list styled statement necklaces are amazing! Whether you like colorful ceramics, chokers, nameplates, or diamonds there’s something here for ya!… More

The Style Elite with Weyni Elder: Featuring Tatia Adams Fox

Move over, Huxtables. Nestled in a quaint, upscale suburb of New Jersey are the Foxes, a family so beautifully traditional and picture-perfect that they are almost too good to be true. Mom, Tatia Adams Fox is founder of The New School of Etiquette.

Number One? U.S. Paid Maternity Leave vs. the Rest of the World

Over the last decade, the number of women in the workforce has been on the decline. One reason many women are opting out of work is the lack of paid maternity leave. … More

InTouch Magazine: Marriage Problems For Kim and Kanye West

The magazine says Kim and Kanye’s marriage is in trouble…whose marriage is really that good immediately following the birth of a baby?… More

Man Crush Monday: 11 Super Sexy Lance Gross Flicks

Lance Gross has beautiful skin and a megawatt smile that makes him oh so easy to look at for hours. … More

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