What About My Friends? Stuck Between Motherhood and Friendships

I am blessed to have a solid group of friends and I love my daughter to pieces, but there are instances when it can be hard balancing motherhood and friendships. Find inside the best practices to maintain healthy girlfriend relationships…. More

My Time to Shine: 9 Super Fly Chadwick Boseman Pics

Chadwick Boseman is on a winning streak. He’s a star to watch and plus he’s a stylish and a cutie…. More

Confessions of a Mompreneur: Turning Your Passion Into a Booming Business

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Irresistible Flirt Power! Your Feminine Energy Flirting Tips

Flirting tips and your feminine energy! Passionate Living Coach and Columnist Abiola Abrams breaks down flirt power and self-love for sacred bombshells…. More

You Know Me: 9 Celebrities with Signature Hairstyles

These following celebrities are known for their signature looks…. More

School Tips: 7 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

As scary as the thought of Kindergarten may be for your child, chances are, it’s 100x worse for you. After all, your baby is growing up and heading out into the big, big world. Okay, so it’s not exactly like they’re going off to college, but the start of your child’s schooling can be overwhelming for parents and kids alike. How to prepare?

Breakfast Pastry: Easy Peach Turnovers

Summer’s fresh peaches make a delicious breakfast pastry. Leftovers? Eat them for dessert with ice cream. … More

Kiss and Tell:10 Dating Red Flags You Should NEVER Ignore!

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Locs of Love: 16 Flicks of Stars Werking Lovely Locs

Hollywood locs include men and women, thespians, singers, rappers and more. You’ll find locs in radiant reds, bold blondes, up in knots and curled in bobs…. More

Are Selfish Parents Giving the Rest of Us a Bad Name?

Restaurants banning kids. Airlines instituting child free zones. It seems that the world is becoming an increasingly child unfriendly place. When did society turn against its littlest citizens and why?… More

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