Kanye West Style: 13 Most Interesting Looks

Now, with a few collaborations under his belt, his influence can truly make him a fashion icon. Reminisce with us over Kanye West style through the years…. More

Meet The 6 Kids Of: Malcolm X

Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X both left behind six beautiful daughters. The pair had no boys, just girls, two of which are twins. Meet Attallah, Qubilah, llyasah, Gamilah, Malikah & Malaak Shabazz, six women who carry on such an amazing legendary legacy. Take a look:… More

Confessions of a Mompreneur: Quick Style Tips for Moms On The Move

As mompreneurs, we all know that time is of the essence. Spending extra time to primp and prance around in the mirror is not always possible. So we’re serving you a few style tips that will go a long way in a short amount of time. … More

Post Baby Pampering: 11 Products to Get Our Beauty Routine Back on Track

Any mother knows that our bodies go through a change outside of the expected aches and pains of labor. Our hair can feel brittle, our skin like sandpaper and overall appearance not as snatched as we’d like. Check out these 11 beauty products that will help you get back on track…. More

The CEO of Yummy Spoonfuls Shares Importance of Organic Food For Babies

Inspired by her Cameroonian upbringing, Agatha Achindu is an entrepreneur spreading her love of organic food…. More

Doll It Up!: 10 Captivating Images From Kenya Mason

Photographer Kenya Mason is a social photo celeb and there’s a good reason why. See Mason set dolls to reality in these glamorous, hot and fun photos while learning more about the photog…. More

This is Where it Ends: My Daughter & Double Standards

Parents are often viewed as raising their daughter differently than their son (and vice versa). See why one father refuses to uphold the double standards…. More

Get Crafty: 12 Kids Craft Storage Ideas

As you get ready to keep the kids active over the summer months, it’s also a good time to prep the house. These craft storage ideas are not only uber functional but often colorful and can even be used as a mommy and me activity or a learning tool. … More

Mommynoire’s Coffee Break: From Ebola To Breakups, 5 Things You Need To Know This Week

From Ebola to breakups, here are five things you need to know this week during your coffee break. … More

The Stakes is High: Is the Music Industry Out to Destroy Our Kids?

While hard-hitting, explicit rap has been around for more than two decades, there used to be a balance. And the current lack of balance is hurting our youth. Is the music industry to blame?… More

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