The Fire Challenge: Are Our Kids Getting Dumber?

For those that don’t know, “The Fire Challenge” is a game where young adults or older kids willingly douse themselves in gasoline and then light their own bodies ablaze. … More

Summer Perfection: Fab Summer Dresses for Every Occasion

From graduations to weddings, summer is the time to have acquire an arsenal full of dresses! We checked out French Collection and picked our top looks. Find everything from classic to sweet and sexy…. More

Somaya Reece 5 Day Smoothie Challenge

Are you ready for a smoothie challenge? For the next five days I want you to make at least one a day as a meal replacement. This is what I do everyday!… More

Breakfast in 15 Minutes: Turkey and Bacon Monte Cristo

Rachael Ray’s 15 minute meals are life-savers. We love her Turkey and Bacon Monte Cristo, a fancy grilled turkey sandwich, and think you will too!… More

Big Dilemma: Carving Out One-on-One Time

If you have a large family, carving out one-on-one time for each child can be difficult, but it IS possible. Take these Tips!… More

Presidential Celebration: Happy 53rd Birthday President Barack Obama!

Today marks President Barack Obama’s 53rd year of life and we’re sending him a huge Happy Birthday as well as looking at some of our favorite presidential quotes on leadership, love and family. … More

Mickey Mouse Fashion: 13 Stars Rock The Iconic Mouse

I’m not sure when Mickey Mouse Fashion became a thing but stars love it! Peep Gaga’s galactic mouse ears, Pharrell’s Mickey hat and Miley’s sexy crop top. … More

Mommy and Me: 12 Touching Pics of Angelina Jolie and Zahara

These stylish flicks of Angelina Jolie and Zahara will have you swooning Peep how Zahara is morphing into a budding fashionista with cool kid shoes and hair… More

Lessons in Sharing: What Moms Need to Learn Too

One of the most valued lessons we can instill within our children is sharing with others. But, what happens when you are still learning this lesson yourself?… More

Kimora Lee Simmons: 13 Fab Mom-on-Duty Looks

Kimora Lee Simmons doesn’t forsake style for motherhood! She can be counted on for fab looks (cue skinnies and designer bags) while running mom duties,… More

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