Why Knot?: White Moms Giving Black Hair Care Tips

I cringe every time my white ex-husband sends me a picture of the kids on outings with him with my little girl’s hair looking a hot mess held back with a crooked headband that doesn’t even match her outfit…. More

Daddy Fab: Miami Heat Star, Lebron James, 13 Fly Fashion Photos

Celebrated athlete, celebrity dad and hubby, Lebron James stays bringing his A-game to the world of fashion, which frankly isn’t easy for such a tall man. Do it King James!

Solange Hair Evolution: 15 Photos Of Her Tress Changes

Like many of us, Solange’s creativity has transpired through her hairstyles. Travel with her through her teenage love of fire red braids, her straight blunt bangs, over to her big chop and all of the fab curly looks given forth and then we come full circle. Take a gander!

Solange Hair Evolution: 15 Photos of Tressful Changes… More

Breakfast Treat: Skinny Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

These itty bitty skinny mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins? You’ll want to eat 17 of them, and that’s ok, because you’ll make them in a tiny muffin pan and…well, don’t eat 17. Have three. … More

A Fresh Start For Spring!: 5 Tips For Carving Out Me Time Now

As a busy mother with a high-powered career, a hubby and a 19-month old baby, and a blog, I hardly have time for myself. This spring, I’ve promised myself that I will carve out–at least once a week–a little me time. Join me, mamas!… More

Daddy Fresh: 15 Trendy Cufflinks

Cufflinks will honestly never go out of fashion, especially with Jay-Z (the king of urban style) working them constantly into his wardrobe as part of his signature ensemble. Today we feature a bevy of trendy cufflinks from customized footprints (perfect for new Dads) to music sheet notes (past music lovers!) to Lego pieces and recycled bike chains, all the way yonder to Batman wings -these pop influenced cuff links, will make the perfect gift for the dad who likes to keep it classy, stylish and fun!

Daddy Speaks: The Business Of Raising Business-Minded Kids

As a result of seeing my highs and the lows of being a business-owner, my daughter is of a generation of business-minded kids. … More

Loving My In-Laws From A Distance After My Wife’s Passing

I had to negotiate my visitation rights in front of a judge with my in-laws like they were the ones I married. … More

Cup of Sassy Mouth: 10 Mugs With Quotes

Get ready to enjoy your work day morning again with these extra sassy mugs with quotes. Of course my favorite is the one that tells you to work harder as Beyonce has the same amount of time as you do. Whatevs. She’s got handlers and Mama Tina. For the rest of us, try and get your Zen on or tell that annoying hipster in your office to “go away!” or simply let people wonder if there’s wine, tea or coffee in your mug. Hahaha!!

Meet #NoireVIP Somaya Reece: New Look, New Music, New Me, Part 2

VH1′s Love And Hip Hop New York TV personality & recording artist Somaya Reece brings a realistic approach to fitness. … More