Dear Chuck D: Growing Up With Your Father Won’t Protect You from Domestic Violence

By now you’ve probably heard that former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice was terminated by his team and “suspended indefinitely” by the NFL.

Domestic violence is a big problem with factors attributing to the emotional and mental health of a person. The more one resorts to clubbing their girlfriend or fiancé or parents, or anyone to goes deep down on their behavioral pattern and reflects a troubled childhood. There are superstars, famous athletes and sports personalities who have been through such embarrassing showdowns by expressing their anger with domestic violence that shows their levels of stress that is used to club down the other person and humiliate them. The behavior exhibited by children who are raised by the fathers are no fewer humans, some of them do run a high risk of being too vocal and exhibit irrational and such forceful behavior.

Thinking of hitting a woman shows the weakness of some men who fail to come in terms of their negativity and failures in life. Just by raising, their hands and badmouthing their partners it is the most unacceptable behavior that needs to be disciplined. Counseling or behind the prison, whatever suits the person level of maturity has to be taken care of. Women who are raised by the fathers are milder in their attitude and they often end up being abused by their husband or boyfriend, shows that it takes a lot of strength and determination to raise children and teach them that you have to give back when someone is harming you and abusing you.

You either call the police or try to talk and make them understand how painful and embarrassing it is to show their fist of fury on others. Often such fights happen because of infidelity or scammed big time by investing on trading without reading the reviews from Bitcoin Loophole, or there are a mental block and depression that is coated with rage and anger. The rate at which domestic violence is growing in the world is alarmingly high, good parenting or bad influence there is a lack of understanding among today’s youth to protect and safeguard their sisters, mothers, girl friend, and wife.

Although a video of Rice dragging his then-fiancé’s unconscious body from an elevator surfaced six months ago, Rice was only booted from the league on Monday when TMZ released a second video showing the former player’s vicious attack.

Bob Marley’s Daughter, Mother of Three Tells How She Maintains her Vegetarian Lifestyle

While the Marley family is synonymous with greatness, their message also aligns with health consciousness.

Going vegetarian is the new fad, people are highly becoming conscious of their health and lifestyle they are leading, it seems the ancient practice of balancing all the five elements in the human body is the way of living by the westerners today. A popular choice for many families as our body craves for healthy food after a particular phase. With kids, there should be a special combination so that they get all the essential nutrients from the change in food pattern.

The most important nutrients include B12, Vitamin D, Calcium protein, iron, and Zinc. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables will have fiber that helps to build on the strength of the body, low in fat the fruits can be consumed in whatever quantity without being guilt-ridden. As there is a reduction in the consumption of red meat, it helps in reducing cardiovascular disease, maintains good body weight, reducing blood cholesterol, and keeps the body active throughout the day. The new way to improve the healthy lifestyle is to include a lot of meditation, yoga, and walking that maintains the body weight and burns the extra flab.

Planning the food is essential so that all the essential nutrients are taken in a day, any shortfall causes the body to crave for food that is unhealthy and does not satiate the hunger. Transitioning into healthy food habits is fun; it should not be taken as a huge task, says Cedella Marley a mom of three kids. The total change in the way profits are reaped with Bitcoin Trader is less compared to ensuring you glow with good health and good food.

Cedella Marley, the first child of Reggae legend Bob Marley maintains a Vegetarian lifestyle as well as glowing skin all while managing many roles as mother, wife, and fashion designer! The mother of three boys produces a segment on her official website called Cooking with C; there, she posts delicious recipes including Vegan Egg Nog. Marley admits that her body craves health. She recently opened up about the benefits of being a vegetarian, the importance of eating healthy and revealed her beauty secrets to healthy-looking skin.

MommyNoire: Did you or are you raising your children to be vegetarians as well, if so tell us why?

Is the Super Bowl a Family Affair?

The day after the Super Bowl, everyone talks about the ads they saw, the halftime show performance and maybe even the big game.

Coming to talk about Super bowl that clearly gets an advantage over the other sports, the half time and the emotionally charged up coaches are a great time for the family to support their beat team, enjoy the highly emotional match along with the sensual performance rock the stage, and set the right kind of tempo for the game. The athletes have their expectations set very high that there is too much of big stage born with its quality that is expected by the fans who are a frenzy.

Pure entertainment and super high performance of the stars are crowd pullers, the kids enjoy all the music and sound, it is not only about the game it is more of a soul game, well the audience is more adults than the kids who have tugged along for the enjoyment. The commercials are like trading with Bitcoin Trader received so much flak as they went overboard with time from thirty seconds to two minutes that we crammed with highly explicit content. It is the moral responsibility of the parents to think twice before exposing the young kids to such level of adult content that too live on a game that is watched by millions.

Today saw a lot of hand-wringing or plain outrage in the mommy blogosphere about Sunday’s big event, saying it just wasn’t the family-friendly entertainment they hoped it be. Under fire: Beyonce’s performance and of course, the ads.

There was plenty of build up to Beyonce’s big event, making her flashy, non lip synced performance, almost more important than the game itself. But plenty of parents criticized her show, calling her lyrics inappropriate, her dance moves raunchy and her outfit S&M-inspired. One commenter on the parenting blog The Stir said, “What message is she sending to young women (and men) about what to value and how to relate?” Some viewers have gone so far as to accuse Beyonce of a nip slip. Others pointed out that the costumes in the halftime show were no more revealing than the ones worn by the cheerleaders on the sideline—or any one-piece bathing suit, for that matter. The costume’s designer Rubin Singer admitted what Beyonce wore onstage was a lot less sexy than what he originally envisioned because of the NFL’s input.

Lisa Wu, Formerly of ROHA Talks Balancing Her Work and Career

It’s been a while since we’ve seen former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu. She’s actually been very busy with various projects outside of the reality show arena.

The multitasking moms are the most happening of the lot in this decade, there is a huge responsibility on women to balance both work and career aspiration. Managing high profile, Careers have taken a toll on the women folk’s health big time, as for whether managing a startup or an n established corporate operations are challenging the field of work. With all this comes, the phase where you stop having a life of your own, it becomes monotonous and absolutely tiring at times.

Tips to manage work and career

  • surround yourself with people who are good contributors, give them the independence to perform, more or less like trading online with the Bitcoin Trader, delegate and get the task accomplished wee
  • keep tracking your projects religiously, without rushing the team to complete them, have systems in control to automatically track and structure and streamline the process to have all the loopholes covered
  • mistakes happen, and learn from them, so that there is never a repetition, document the procedures so that that are not coming back into the projects again, improve and improvise the team
  • have training sessions for the team to get new automation and easy and smarter ways to finish the work on time and leave home

Try to leave home on time, and encourage the team to work productively in office hours and then go home and relax with their family. Embracing flexible working is the new way to keep the team and process happy, most of the corporate encourage timings for their employees to stay motivated by choosing their own time and get the work done. Taking frequent breaks on a stressful day at work reenergizes the zeal to be more productive.

During our conversation, I realized that she’s such an amazing woman who spent a great deal of her time managing her social and personal life in front of the cameras. But what some people fail to realize is that she’s also a very talented writer and a very down to earth individual.

Lisa Wu was gracious enough to speak with Mommynoire, while she handled some real estate business in the middle of a rain and hail storm in Atlanta, GA.




If you haven’t heard the name AvaLynn by now, you will probably hear it very soon. The images of her beaten face went viral over the weekend and the hashtag #JusticeForAvaLynn is making its way up Twitter timelines from her hometown of Mississippi to your virtual backyard. The image is heartbreaking.

At some point, we need to stop calling behavior cute. I have a family member with a son who loves to throw him around stores when he does not get his way.


Good manners in kids today requires to be inculcated from a young age, often we come across our own kids to behave rudely, as they are unable to express their feelings and emotions, that convert into the incorrect choice of words. Today there is tight and wrong path of teaching kids to behave well and cordially while meeting and greeting people.


Teaching good manners age wise is important for the young minds, as the way they interpret is different, when do you think is the right age to start teaching your child manners.


Age-1-2 Use magic words like thank you, please and sorry every time using their favorite toys, dinnertime, use words like May I, please and encourage the kids to say Excuse me if they want to be away from the conversations. This creates a sense of individuality and helps them to communicate their feelings in a better way.

Age 3-6 this is the most vulnerable age for kids to catch up habits and manners from others around, keep them engaged by showing them to share their toys with their friends and siblings. Make them aware not to hit with hands, no name-calling and clear table after their dinner, using the magic words should be a part of their daily routine now.

Speaking well with others without shying away is an art that kids have to be encouraged, they at this tender age have a sound understanding, expressing them needs a lot of encouragement. Practicing good listening is often ignored, like trading in Ethereum Code, and monitor the price movements regularly. Kids have no patience to hear out, they usually speak out their minds and seldom listen to what the others and their teachers say. Getting their attention is very important at this age.

Sure children will try to do what they like, but at the end of the day, there needs to be action to back up our words.

When I first saw it, I scrolled by it. I immediately thought it was a sick joke, of which I see from time to time. Fake news making its way on Facebook or a ridiculous internet meme in poor taste. Why do they mess with these kids images like that, I thought. Who would do that to a little girl’s picture?




What’s in a name, you ask? Well, for the following names, in today’s world, apparently not so much. Despite their booming popularity in the early 1900′s, these favorites quickly became vintage finds among a host of trendy popular names. Not big on names you can’t pronounce? Well, then this list of vintage girls names is for you!

Naming a child is a real fantasy. After an engaging married life, when you really have the time to expect for a kid is the most pleasant in life. We were two and then we become three. It is a loving and the best feeling that can make us happy. It is a very hard tenure in life for the woman to be carrying before they deliver. But, it is always a special feeling. The caring and affection the woman receives are truly exemplary. When you receive the baby in hand after all the tiring delivery time, we are just in heaven for a still moment.

The next interesting happening is the naming ceremony. We will have a great dream of having a child. When in the mother’s womb itself the parents have the thoughts about keeping a name. We might think what is it in a name. But it has many interpretations. Firstly, we will have to have a methodology to preserve our culture and we keep a name that will acknowledge our community at large. This lets us be distinct among others to create a good sensation of pride. This is important in the perspective of holding a legacy in hand with the right baton getting moved over the generations. Secondly, the name has to be attractive and different that keeps them look and heard different in a group. This will ensure that the kids be remarkable in their school and other educational institutions further. A name can be a collection of characters. But, later in life, it will be what you will be known for. Hence, choosing a good name is like choosing the profession that you are heading for. Try to keep it as short and as simple as possible. This will let the others feel easy to pronounce and serve the purpose of the real meaning in life. It will be really surprised to know that vintage names are the best to fit the purpose these days just like Ethereum Code.


How To Help A Toddler Adjust To A Newborn Sibling

I was a maniac while pregnant. Correction. Maniac is sugar coating it. I was worse. I’m a worrier but when pregnant it’s kicked up a hundred notches. My main worry was whether my fourteen month old son would welcome his newborn sister into our home. He was a baby himself and didn’t understand our warnings and frequent heart to hearts about the upcoming changes. Thankfully the transition was much smoother than I had anticipated. Here’s what we did to prepare our toddler for life with a newborn.

. First things first, we will have to decide for ourselves how we are going to go about this without affecting the love and affection to any of the kids. Planning a preschool session is a great idea. However, we will have to make them understand that the preschool environment is for big kids like toddlers and not for the infants. This will ensure a happy feeling among the toddler.

We can also let the toddler engage in toys that will interest them and play with the infant also so that they will get to know that we are not in any kind of neglecting ideas. The whole idea is to keep the toddler completely busy. This will ensure that their mind is always diverted and keep them self sufficient. Sleep is one of the most in priority. We have to coordinate the sleeping patterns of the children so that we can really do what we desire to do for the kids separately by planning out the time needed. Keep interacting with your toddler because they can listen and understand. We can narrate interesting stories that will indulge them in a happy feeling and let them become more curious.

Sometimes toddler demands hands-on attention. In that case, babywearing will be a great choice. We can wrap the baby well when he or she is old enough and see that the toddler is happy on hand. This will be tiring, but keeps the children happy in all means. It is a good way to engage well with the right systems like the Ethereum Code for Cryptocurrency investment so that we stay strong and safe in our personal life.

Lavish Attention
With two little ones in the house it might seem impossible to pull yourself away from a newborn to spend alone time with your toddler but find a way to make it happen.


“A great black mascara can do a lot to define your eyes and make you appear more wide awake. I like CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara ($6.99) for long, separated lashes.”

Personality is the most important and the driving force today. A good makeup can be a boosting force in a social gathering. Why is it important to look good and why do we have to carry our small makeup kit always?

We get to meet several people in a gathering. We will know what is right and what is wrong on any day. To speak confidently and share it amongst all, we will have to look elegantly. This is very important in our lives. It will literally boost your confidence to an extent that is so very unimaginable. We will be able to talk about whatever is there in our mind so well. This happens naturally. We will have to work in accordance with all that is true to our knowledge.

It will always help us to connect with all the other people in a gathering and reach them well. It will help us in conveying our ideas in a better way. It is also fun in other ways. We can celebrate the real fantasy of someone admiring us and feel at heaven because you are the center of the entire event. Whatever be the real potential in you, it can be well shown outside as more competent. It gives you more energy and boldness to go ahead. It is just like the way Crypto Code facilitates us in the cryptocurrency investment platform.

It will let you feel the real peace within. You will start feeling younger and attractive in a way that you may not be expecting to happen in the real scenario. Another real benefit is that these items that you are looking for are easily available in the market and that you just need not tire yourself very hard. It keeps you self sufficient. These days the products are very much cost effective too. So, what are you waiting for, just go on a cosmetic shopping? Do the right things at the right time and get benefitted totally so that you can share it with others for the community to develop to remarkable standards. This is truly important to be started just now.


Got Antsy Kids? Calm Them Down With A Bit Of Yoga

As part of my New Year’s resolutions to get up and finally lose this baby weight, I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ “Yoga Meltdown” DVD. My six-year-old daughter woke up and decided to join me.

As I’m grunting and sweating, all I hear from her is, “Yoga’s such a great way to start the day,” as she moves effortlessly into tree pose. “This is so easy, Mommy,” she says during downward dog. “Don’t worry, Mommy, the more you do it, the better you’ll get,” as she moves into warrior pose. Meanwhile, I’m shaking and stumbling my way through it.

Children have enormous energy in them. They tend to walk, run and roam around to a great extent that we cannot catch hold of their attention always. These days they get attracted to many activities that come in handy. We have mobile phones, video games, play stations and many more. What can be the best decision in this regard? We will have to choose the best in terms of engaging them well and at the same time useful to their physical and mental health. These games can be very much engaging. But it is not really very good for their health. It will affect their internal health badly, especially their eyes and brain. Also is a fact to be of great concern is the addiction that comes along. We will not be able to retrieve them any further in this way.

Another most interesting and effective means of engaging children in the right direction is Yoga. They get excited because of the twists and turns that need to be exhibited. They enjoy the way they perform and feel happy for it too. It helps them in refreshing their mind and keeps us happy. We will have an enriching time well spent with them in a positive sense.

There are additional benefits too. It enhances the flexibility associated with the body. It will strengthen their muscles and let them work in coordination. Body awareness gets a little truth in their soul for them to feel the real peace within. Their concentration improves and they work very well in every aspect they indulge in. It is very effective as in the case of Crypto Code. Plan and let your children groom themselves with the right activities and a good company of children to share.

Preacher Photographed in Tub with Granddaughter Speaks Out

Bishop Larry Trotter of Chicago found himself in hot water yesterday after an Instagram photo of him and his granddaughter taking a bubble bath went viral. The preacher called the John Hannah Morning Show to defend himself, the the International Business News reported.
Trotter was horrified that people “called [him] everything from a child molester to a pedophile, to a nasty old man” after a photo of him and his four-year-old granddaughter appeared on Instagram. He said his family came to visit him at his home. His granddaughter saw him in the tub and after begging to get in with her “Popo”, her mother put her in swim trunks, Trotter put on his trunks and they enjoyed the bath. The child’s mother snapped the photo and another family member posted it to his Instagram.

The social media is this fast. We have many reasons to ponder here. It is terrifying at times. It gives a miserable feeling for no real reason.

We have been giving the glance of an interesting technology development that is shaking the entire world today. We have developments in all forms that are really making our life easy. We have a good financial system that is completely interconnected throughout the world making transactions happen very swiftly. We pay our bills in no time. We have a modern education system that brings books and other resources completely online. We have the system of people sitting anywhere and everywhere working in a time they want. These are really very important to be acknowledged. But, there is another twist to this scenario. It is the harder side of it. We see a bad culture in form f online information spread. Just a photo delivered in a system can reach millions of people in a minute. Each person has his or her own kind of thoughts that they share and spread. The system does not know what is right and what is wrong. It displays everything and spreads across anything on the internet. This is a simple but a true fact.

We can use a system for our needs, but let us not allow that to dominate our thoughts and put us in trouble. Always choose a good and reliable system to be safe. For example, just like the QProfit System in the case of cryptocurrency investment platform.