One in three pregnant mothers will now give birth via Cesarean section. Natural birth advocates tsk at this number and spout off the related risks of C-sections (infection, blood clots, blood loss, etc). But for the millions of mothers who give birth in this fashion, hearing all of the negative conversation about C-section can make you feel inadequate and uninformed. I know, because I am one of those mothers. Both of my babies were born via C-section and to this day, I still feel pangs of regret that I did not deliver my baby “naturally”.
When pregnant with my first child, I remember making the doctors and nurses light up when I arrived for my frequently appointments. “Your pregnancy is so easy!” they would say. “You’re so lucky. Other women have a lot of difficulty carrying babies. But you’ve got it made!”

There are many reasons that the doctors will recommend the cesarean sections to expect mothers rather than going for natural childbirth. If you ever had complications in the previous pregnancy or in the current pregnancies, you will be advised to opt for elective or planned cesarean.  During your pregnancy, it is important that you stay active and be occupied. It will help in taking your mind off the pressure of pregnancy-related issues.  The best way you could keep yourself busy is by working from home and earning money. You can opt for online trading. There are various online trading platforms like Crypto Soft that can assist you with trading. Even if you are working elsewhere, you could do it as part-time work.

Reasons as to why the doctor will suggest you go for emergency or planned cesarean:

  • Your baby is in a breach or bottom-down position
  • You already had one cesarean section
  • You, baby, keeps changing the position or in a transverse position
  • You got the low-lying placenta
  • You are expecting twins
  • You got a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease
  • The growth of the baby is not normal
  • You got severe eclampsia which makes it quite dangerous to delay the childbirth

Even during the time of normal childbirth, some situations will demand an emergency cesarean to be done immediately.  The medical team will ensure that you deliver the baby on time so that you and the baby stay well.

Justice Fergie, Guest Blogger talks Digital Leadership and Why Life is the Party

Stacey Ferguson, known as Justice Fergie in the blogosphere, is unstoppable. Simply, a digital leader in the flesh.  The former lawyer and self professed foodie, who spent a great deal of her free time blogging about balancing family and career is watching her hard work pay off.  Justice, the co-founder of the annual BeBlogalicious conference, which is a collective of minority women (and men) interested in business + media is charging full steam ahead; yes! they just completed their fourth event in September 2012 @ the Red Rock, Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  But that’s not it; her most recent blog, Life is the Party, is all about making everyday life enjoyable.  MommyNoire recently sat down with Justice Fergie to talk about creating a brand, the importance of social media.

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating and also delivering the offerings that got the value to the customers. Nowadays the purpose of social media is to build one‘s brand and increase the visibility of the brand through relationship building and communicating with potential customers.

With the continuous development in technology, there are various social networking and digital media sites that are coming up. The technological development has helped many people in many ways. There are various automatic robots that have come up which helps people to do online trading without stepping out of the house. The most popular of them is the BTC profit.

Investment in the social media is identified as the missing link that connects the business with the consumers. If you are still in dilemma whether to go for the social media marketing, then think no more.  The social media marketing helps a great deal in increasing the brand awareness. Especially the small business uses social media to get the attention of new customers.  According to various studies, around 33% of people have agreed that they identify new products, services, and brands through social media.

The social media helps in validating your brand.  When a business’s presence in social media conveys the message to the customers that their brand is very much active and is focused on communicating with their consumers, it helps in validating the brand.

In addition to all this, social media helps in increasing customer loyalty. Whenever a person receives a timely response on the social media, they would definitely recommend the brand to others.

5 Strategies for Transitioning from Your Day Job to Your Side Business

 It’s a New Year!

I’m a sucker for blank slates. Whether it be cracking open a brand new notebook or opening up WordPress to compose a new blog post, the thought of starting anew is insanely invigorating for me. The start of January evokes the same feeling. With each new year comes the prospect of new opportunity, and for so many women I talk to, rebranding clients or otherwise, that includes the chance to reinvent themselves or their businesses based on where their true passion lies.

Exactly one year ago, I found myself embarking on what was quite possibly the biggest reinvention journey of my life to date: I was officially self-employed after a decade of practicing law for a private firm and the federal government. It was both a thrill and incredibly terrifying! When it came to my spirit and my sanity, the career change was 100% necessary; I was experiencing burnout at work from juggling family with career, and it was reflecting in my attitude and performance both on the job and at home – a bad look all around!

If you are planning to open up a business on your own, there are few tips one should follow while starting u something new.  Initially, when you start up something on your own, you might not be earning revenue in the first few years as expected.  You could easily earn additional income from online using automated trading robots known as BTC profit. You don’t have to spend much time to indulge in trading as the robots will do trading on your behalf. You can concentrate on opening up the business that you are planning to start.

The first thing you need to do is to absorb everything around you, listen to what the experts, friends, the family has to say to you.  Keep a note of things what others have to say to develop a detailed business plan. Also, never ignore the advice given by the veteran business owners; they know what works and what does not.

You should not let your idea to start something on your own turn into something complicated, you need to keep it simple or else it will turn out to be quite an expensive deal.

You need to factor in all the business expense that is required for the business to be launched and operated.

Lovers & Friends: Does Your Relationship Need a New Title?

No matter how much people claim to be individuals, we mostly follow the same patterns. Maybe a better way to phrase this is that almost everyone wants the same thing; and we all go about acquiring said goals in the same fashion. What make people different are our experiences that motivate us. Using myself as an example: When it comes to dating I want to find happiness again. When my boys and I get up and we talk about women we’re dealing with we all pretty much wind up telling the same story because we all do the same thing. I am a very shy person. However, my life experiences-particularly the last four years- made me very bold and brazen. That last sentence is the difference-maker.

Most people are scared of the word ‘change’ but change is inevitable in one’s life. You evolve as a person because of many life experiences.  The people in your life, the age, work, etc, there are many factors that contribute to change in your life.  There are some people who choose to change on their own. Of instance, if you are just tired of working the same routine job for years, you might wish for a change. There are so many alternative works one could take up and even give you a choice to work from home. You might decide to do online trading using bitcoin code to make money. Whatever the decisions you make, a change in your life pattern will also affect your personality.

There are majorly 3 reasons which make a person change.

Natural reasons- As the days pass, you evolve and it is inevitable. You are going to go through a natural change. No one will be the same person that they are today after 10 years. It will either be a positive or negative change, but either way, there’s going to be a change.

Force- In the course of life, something happens, for instance, you lose your loved ones; you are forced to change to fit into the new life without that special person in it. There will be nothing you could do about it. You just need to accept the change.

Intentional reasons- In this case, you choose to change. You might choose to lose all the excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. This choice is made by you and you are willingly accepting the change.

Summer Time Fine: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss & Wellness Goals

You say improving your health, losing weight or getting fit is important to you. So why does it seem so hard to stay on track?

If you get in your own way when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals, you’re not alone. The good news is you can turn that around.

Here are three simple tips to get better results fast.

In order to be successful, you should have a proper plan. For instance, if you aspire to be a surgeon, then you should plan your academics accordingly.  You need to get into the best medical school by appearing in the entrance exams and then study to achieve your goal of being a doctor. Similarly to achieve your fitness goals, you need to work out a plan.  Leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a fitness routine might work out expensive and you might find it hard to manage it with your current income.  Don’t worry about the money as you can easily earn quick money by trading online using bitcoin code. Below mentioned are a few tips that can help you achieve the fitness goals.

Know the long-term goals- You need to think about the future and decide what you wish to accomplish. For instance, you might wish to lose 45 pounds in 1 year. Write down the goal. You need to hold yourself accountable and responsible for reaching the goal.  Put the paper on your mirror or refrigerator so that you will be reminded about the pact you made.

Set short-term goals- In order to achieve a long-term goal, you need to plan a number of steps that will help you in achieving the goal. You should create weekly or monthly goals.

Make the goals measurable- The goal you set should be measurable. The monthly or weekly goals you set will ensure that you are staying on the track so that you will be able to achieve your long-term goal. You need to check how much weight you are losing each week and see if it’s according to your plan. If you are not achieving them, then you need to change the workout routine and diet plan so that next time you will be able to attain the result you are looking for. For instance, just by adding a little bit of cardio into your routine will help you to burn some more calories.


Ever met a model that claims she can sing? Or how about a singer who is also an actor too? If so, chances are you’ve been to New York City, where everyone has two or more jobs. We’re all actors, models, singers and/or dancers. No, Seriously. We are. The truth is though, most don’t have what it takes to really make it in a business where star-quality, talent and hard work go hand in hand–at not like Nigerian-born, London-raised, and now certified New Yorker (hence, the two or more jobs) model, singer, and songwriter, Demi Grace.

There are many people who take up two jobs, one might be their passion and the other one will be to meet the expenses and provide for your family.  You would be having a passion for photography; you will be pursuing it after your regular job. Or else you would be an online trader who is making additional money trading using bitcoin code apart from attending a regular job.  Whatever the case be, it is tough to handle two things at a time and you might feel overwhelmed at some point in time. Below mentioned are a few tips you could follow to help you in this situation.

Management of time- You need to make use of a day planner to schedule your day. If you don’t keep track of your appointments, you might miss them or arrive late. By noting it down, you will have a clear idea about where you should be and at what time.

Prepare to-do list-   You might find it difficult to remember all the things you are supposed to do whenever you are handling 2 jobs. To manage your day and the tasks well, it is best that you make a list of things you are supposed to do in that day.  As you finish performing each task, you can cross it off from the list.

Dealing with the stress- When you handle more than one job at a time it might get stressful at times, you might forget to take some time out for yourself.  It is very much important that you ensure that you get enough time to relax and reconnect with the family and friends. You need to keep aside one day in a week where you don’t perform any work. Have fun with family, see a movie, or just relax at home doing nothing.




Are you troubled with your in-laws interfering in your family matters all the time? Don’t worry; you are not the only one around. There are many people who face the same issues and if you follow the below-mentioned tips you could easily manage them.  It is very much important that you find a way to get along with them.

Tips to follow

There should no divided loyalties –After your marriage, both you and your spouse are starting a new family and you should be loyal to each other. In any fight, you should always be supporting each other and not taking the parent’s side. Think about the problem together and take decisions with mutual consent without involving either of your parents. It is your life and you need to take control of it.

Create appropriate boundaries- There’s a saying that a good fence will make good neighbors. Similarly, you should put appropriate fences. You need to set a boundary which depicts when they are invited and when they are not.  If you are a home-maker and not working anywhere, in-laws will tend to drop in your home any time they wish and might try to control your life. To avoid that you can take do work from home which will earn you good money.  You could check out online trading using bitcoin loophole to keep yourself busy.

Know your role- If the husband has got problems with his in-laws, then it is the wife’s job to make it right. Likewise, if the wife got problems with her in-laws, it is the job of the husband to resolve it. The peacemaker should be the person with a primary relationship like the daughter or son.

When I was engaged people gave me a ton of unsolicited advice about marriage. Random friends and relatives alike would walk up to both my husband and I and start blabbing about something that they thought we should know before we jumped the broom. From keeping it spicy in the boudoir, to not having kids too soon, my husband and I heard it all. Or at least, we thought we did. Out of all of the advice I heard, no one said anything about dealing with monster-in-laws. Oops, I meant to say mother-in-laws. No one warned me about the tensions that can be created in a marriage by a mother that does entirely too much.

No, I’m Not Interested In Natural Hair

My parents were born in the Dominican Republic and my mother is half Chinese. I’m one of those people who is constantly asked “What are you?” as if I’m some sort of space alien. Sometimes I wonder whether draping myself in an American flag would help, but I doubt it. I’m told I look exotic, which I think might be a back-handed compliment. I guess a person can’t look American unless one has blonde hair and blue eyes (which is funny because most of the first true Americans had neither).

Getting your hair colored in a salon can cost you a whole lot of money. It is also boring. So save yourself from this trouble and dye your hair at home. You could do the entire process all by yourself and also save a lot of money.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to dye your hair at home

  • Wash your hair first before you dye your hair
  • Pickup color that you prefer
  • Then cover yourself using a cape
  • Brush your hair well
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your ears and hairline as well as on your skin so that the color does not stain these areas
  • Use the plastic glove to start applying the color on your hair

What will you need?

You need following things to dye your hair

  • A bowl that will be used to mix the dye
  • Chair developer
  • A comb to section your hair
  • Application of the dye

It is now time to apply the dye

  • Once it is applied seta timer
  • When you hear the timer it is time to rinse your hair
  • Make use of a towel to wipe off the color from your skin

Precautions to take when rinsing your hair

Make sure that you wait until the timer rings. Use warm water to rinse your hair. Do not use shampoo now. Massage into the roots using your fingertips and keep rinsing until you see that the water is clear. Then use a conditioner for your hair.

It is important that you wait at least for an hour before you shampoo your hair. This will let the color to get totally absorbed. Then shampoo and condition your hair well.

To dry your hair let your hair dry naturally. If you are using a drier then keep it at a very low setting.

While you wait for the timer to buzz read about the new Bitcoin Loophole software.

I’m proud of my heritage but the questions are tiresome.

Back To Cool: 14 Pics of Celebrities Rocking Backpacks

If you are traveling with children then you need to take care to select your backpack carefully. The backpacks may look all the same to you but there are subtle differences that should not be missed. Also, before you start on your backpacking journey with your child do check out the Bitcoin Loophole software.

The backpacks have evolved from what they used to be a few years back. They are no more the boring ones where you just stuff in all your personal belongings. The backpacks today are functional and these are for multipurpose uses. There are backpacks that come with separate compartments that let you organize your stuff well and not dig into the bag when you need to pull out something.

This makes it very handy especially when you are traveling with kids. The backpacks with different compartments let you store the stuff separately. So, you have a compartment to keep your shoes, another compartment to keep the supplies for your baby and still another compartment to keep other belongings.

Apart from the compartment, there are other things too that you should keep in mind before buying a backpack. This includes the design and the quality of the backpack, the material of the backpack and the comfort of carrying it.

The size of the backpack is important to consider because that determines what all you can pack into it. Especially if you traveling with a child then you may prefer to buy a big backpack.

You also need to know the purpose of each compartment in the backpack. You could look for one that has a waterproof lining so that you can put your child’s wet clothes into it and then wash it once back to your room. The benefit of the compartments is that you can keep your dirty stuff separately without worrying about the dirt sticking to your clothes.

The type of bag that you buy is also important. There are various kinds of bags and these could be designed as a tote or a backpack. So make sure that you pick what you feel the most comfortable in. Also, consider the material of the backpack. The backpacks are usually made up of nylon, vinyl, leather or canvas. There are an advantage and disadvantages of each material so you want to choose one based on what your individual preference is.

dashes around in the popular luxury Louis Vuitton Michael Backpack, a clear winner among Hollywood’s elite



I’m a professional photographer so it’s probably needless to say but I’m a picture fiend. If I’m not wearing a big camera or shooting instant film with my kids (they love seeing the pictures develop before their eyes) I’m probably snapping away on my iPhone. Mobile phone technology has improved drastically in recent years and today’s cell phone cameras make it easy to snap awesome pictures of your children wherever you are.

Here is how you can capture the best pictures of your kid. For that, first, know your camera in and out. The more you know your camera the better pictures you can take. Learn how to pop up a flash or how to take photos in quick succession. Also, understand the photo edit features. For all this information, you may have to dig into the features of the camera.

There are shooting modes that are specific to shooting children. You need to however control the images. You need to make sure that the aperture and the shutter speed is just right to let you capture the best picture.

You should also know how to use the zoom feature that can affect the depth of the picture. The zoom feature lets you capture better photos because your child does not notice you when you are busy clicking.

Make sure that you shoot where there is good amount of light.Recognize what the good light is. Avoid those scenes where you see the light coming just behind the child. In addition, one of the key mistakes that is made by most parents is to shoot their child from an eye level. You are taller than your child, and in every photo it seems that the photo is looking down on the child.This makes your child look small. You need to adjust your height to theirs and then click the photos. This lets you get a good picture with a better background as well.

Lastly, make sure that you play with your child when you are shooting them for better pictures.

Also, do not miss out checking on the Bitcoin Trader software that lets you trade with ease.

I love candid and low-key mobile photos. Shooting with my camera phone allows me to be discreet and capture my children in the moment as they are. Most mobile cameras have enough megapixels to allow you to make decent quality prints out of your snapshots. Don’t leave all your memories on your phone.