“It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Life is a combination of success and failure.  We all work hard to stay successful.  All the more important is to stay motivated even after a failure.  Post-failure more energy and hard work are needed to build up a future.  Use the below tips to stay motivated:

  1. Read motivational words. Read life history of people who succeeded in spite of repeated failures.  This will ensure that you remain enthusiastic.
  2. Never yield to bullying. Always there may be people who wait to pull the legs of persons who fail.  Keep distance from them.  If they cannot be avoided, do not indulge in retaliation.  Your concentration will move from hard work to taking revenge.
  3. Never stop learning. Learn mistakes from the past.  In addition keep learning new things like Crypto code.  This will help you regain financially in a fast way.  Once your financial worries are solved, you get better confidence.
  4. Never shy: Failure is very common.  Even the wisest and successful people do have failures in their life.  So, do not shy.  It will reduce your confidence to strike opportunities.
  5. Keep rehearsing positive memories: Stop thinking about failures.  Instead, remember few successes you had.  Back to pieces of a man.

I’ve had a long-standing love affair with the brutal sport of boxing. I love the big fights. I love the small fights. I love the winners and, depending on the fight in the dog, the losers. Before I was married (and later divorced), I even had my bachelor party at “Mickey Ward vs Arturo Gatti 3,” to the chagrin of some of the men that attended. To hell with them. I was never into strippers anyway.


Is the Timing of Your Pregnancy Anyone Else’s Business?


Jessica Simpson’s latest pregnancy announcement is making headlines. She became pregnant with her second child seven months after giving birth to her daughter.

Generally, the following facts are to be considered before making the choice of the second baby:

  1. Whether the mother has physically regained her strength from the first pregnancy? Answering this question is vital.  The extent to which the second child would be healthy is based on this.  Also, the mother should be healthy enough to manage both kids after the second baby’s delivery.  The inner walls of uterus need reasonable time to get back the strength after delivering one child.  Hence sufficient time and rest are needed for the body to prepare itself for the second pregnancy.
  2. Whether you are financially strong to have a second baby. If you use Qprofit system, naturally you will be having huge money.  You can have a few children.  But if you are not financially prepared, it is better to postpone the second pregnancy.
  3. Do you have the support system? If your parents are young and strong enough to take care of two kids for the next few years, that would be a blessing.  You can plan your career re-entry.


A second kid would be a boon in various forms.  He would be a good life-long company for the first kid.  A family of four gives more happiness and satisfaction than a family of three.  But having a second kid is not as easy as the first one.  While having your first child all your problems would appear small when compared to the excitement.  But in the case of a second child, even small problems appear magnified.  It is quite a taxing and energy-extracting process.  It is indeed more expensive.  It is tougher in the case of nuclear families.  It is additional stress on health.  Initially, if you are ready for all these and give up subsequently, you are doing injustice to the second child.


The most important factor in having a second child is, it is the couple who have to discuss and decide about this.  The first child has to be prepared accordingly.  The irony is that even in this modern world, people other than the couple keep discussing this more.  In the case of celebrities, people totally forget that they have no rights to poke their nose into.

As someone who was once in her place – I can’t help feeling salty about the controversy. What’s the issue? Why does anyone but her uterus care about the timing of her pregnancy?



If your kids are sick of oatmeal try substituting warm polenta for cold mornings. Quick-cook polenta–not just for dinner–gets a healthy boost from Greek yogurt, honey and fruit. Courtesy of Katie at the Kitchen Door.

All about Polenta

What is Polenta made of?

Polenta is a simply boiled cornmeal.  It is generally served in the form of porridge.  If you let it cool it solidifies.  You can bake this or grill it and use it in your recipes.

Nutrients:  Polenta contains minerals like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.  It has vitamin A, B and E.  Store brought polenta is rich in vitamin C due to the addition of ascorbic acid.  Polenta is gluten-free.

Benefits of eating Polenta:

The polenta was introduced originally in Italy as food for peasants.  Nowadays precooked Polenta is available in stores.  Using this you can prepare any delicious and healthy recipe in minutes.  Read on to know the health benefits of Polenta:

  1. 1. Fiber: Polenta is rich in fiber.  It can make the eater feel full.  Also, it facilitates good digestion.  Polenta can be consumed to avoid constipation.  It has good gut bacteria which can clean the digestion tract.
  2. Protein: Polenta is full of protein.   It can help in the healing of muscle tissues.
  3. Gluten-free: Polenta is made using corn.  Hence the gluten-free properties aid in weight reduction.  It serves as an excellent food during a diet.  It helps in staying hunger-free for long durations.  Polenta has complex carbohydrates.  Hence these are slowly broken down in the digestion process.
  4. 4. Carotene: Polenta has more carotene.  Thus, it helps in fighting cancer.


Basically, eating healthy food is all the more important to maintain the body in good condition.  Nutritious food will make a person stay active and work tirelessly.  Improved brain functioning can be experienced while consuming healthy food.  Health is the first step to acquiring wealth.  A sick person cannot concentrate on wealth accumulation.  He tends to have a poor career prospect and earning capacity.  A healthy person can work harder.  He can focus on earning money and multiplying wealth.  He can learn new concepts like Qprofit system easily and earn more money using it.  Back to the recipe.

2 cups water
2 cups skim milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup instant or quick-cooking polenta
1 1/2 cups plain Greek yogurt
1/4 cup honey
1 cup fresh raspberries (or other berries of your choice)

Celeb Style: Date Night Done Right

What to wear for your next night out on the town? Get a little inspiration from some of our favorite celebrity couples, and see how date night is done right.

Eager to know silly mistakes people commit during their date night and spoil everything?  Read on

  1. Using worn dresses: Of course, you looked very pretty when you wore that black shirt. But it does not mean that you have to pick that up again in an unwashed condition.  It might look unclean.  It might smell.  Imagine how uncomfortable it would be for your partner.
  2. Talking nonsense: You can always discuss topics of common interests like movies, Art, Travel etc. Show your knowledge of finance.  Speaking about a few great software like Qprofit system will be very advantageous.  Your partner will appreciate your sense of financial responsibility.
  3. Accessories: The biggest mistake people commit during a date is wearing worn out cheap accessories.  If your dress is simple, keep the accessories rich and vice versa.  Ensure that the accessories look in good form.  Carrying a worn-out wallet will surely bring failure.
  4. Unpractical dressing: It all depends on the venue of your date.  If you plan for a nature walk in hilly terrain, it is wise to forget those high heels.  If you are going to the beach in summer, better avoid thick clothes which can make you feel worst under the sun.
  5. Trying new hairstyle: Trying a complicated new hairstyle for the date is not a perfect idea.  Imagine if it does not suit you.  Beauticians opine that unsuitable hairstyles add rigidity to face.  Instead of hairstyle try going for a haircut.
  6. Loose fitting dresses: When you borrow dresses from your sister, make sure it fits you perfectly.  Loose fitting dresses demand more of your concentration.  Both of you will eventually lose interest in the date.
  7. Maximum exposure: Overexposing skin by wearing minimal dresses during the first date is surely a mistake.  You can decide on the level of exposure for the subsequent date depending on your situation.
  8. Too much make-up: If you imagine too much make-up will enhance your beauty, you are wrong.  If your date outing is in the restaurant, ensure you avoid lipstick stains on the tooth.  If you are going out in summer, ensure that the cream you use does not make your skin oily.


Believe it or not, we can always count on Leona Lewis to give us life with her red carpet looks. The 29-year-old has amazing style and loves bright colors and sequins. We aren’t mad. The star also has great skin and credits her diet for this. Lewis is an aminal rights activist as well as a vegan and she takes it very seriously:

Let us see this with a detailed illustration.

We care for our loved ones.  We express it in many ways.  One way to express love is accumulating huge wealth for our loved ones using Crypto soft.  You can earn excellent profits on your investment.

The other way of expressing love is caring for other beings in this earth.  When we save the rights of other living beings, we protect them from extinction.  We can present a good earth for our kids- i.e. the next generation.

To understand this better, you should know a concept called ecological balance.  You may think why a tree or a sheep or a tiger or Elephant is so important.  Only if trees, plants, and grass grow properly, the herbivorous animals will be having food to eat.  Only if herbivorous animals are healthy, the carnivorous animals can survive.  Carnivorous animals live in thick places of greenery.  Only if greenery is preserved the earth can breathe.   Which means we humans can breathe and survive.

We humans need oxygen for survival.  So indirectly we depend on the ecological balance of our survival.  When one species is completely eliminated from the cycle, that impacts the survival of all the other beings involved in the cycle.  Obviously, it includes human beings also.  Like us, the other living beings have an equal right to live on earth.  We cannot destroy them for our survival.   People never think about maintaining the ecological balance.  Destroying the balance by ignoring the rights of animals is nothing but self-destruction of the human race.  Killing animals for their tusks, hair, and fur will eventually lead to their extinction.  Leopards are killed for their skin.  Their extinction would lead to a spike in the growth of herbivorous population.  This will lead to a reduction in the foliage and water resources- thus leading to a famine situation.

‘My makeup and hair people know I don’t use any brushes that use real animal hair, and we stay away from products from parts of the world where they’re animal-tested and not humane at all. And I’ve found there are websites with good information on what products are cruelty-free.’



With Jessica Simpson allegedly in the two kids under two boat and a couple of my friends recently receiving positive pregnancy test results while they still have infants in the home, I figured what better time to share what I know as a veteran (ha!) mom of kids less than two years apart. Here’s the good, bad and the ugly of being a parent to two kids still in diapers. Buckle up.

The Good:
While it may come as a shock to you to be pregnant again, the familiarity of it all is comforting. It may feel like you just had a baby and you’re slowly finding your way to “normal” but then you get thrust back to the starting line again. And that’s scary. However, imagine taking the same college class two semesters in a row. You’d be ahead of the game with knowing what to expect and you’d be more comfortable than the people who had never taken that class before.

A baby requests a parent’s energy, time, and eagerness to be accessible if the need arises. A toddler requests the equivalent, but he is adept into getting involved in mischiefs and moves about. Child rearing two kids below 2 years resemble attempting to hand-feed a crying infant while seeing the other going to topple out into a threat.


Indeed, the everyday needs would have been trying for some time, yet there’s dependably an alteration time when relational intricacies vary. The best portion however was understanding the eldest kid would be sufficiently youthful that he could never recall his existence without his brother, and I believed that was a really wonderful thing for my children to encounter. Choosing the amount of space to place between the children is an individual decision, and everybody has an alternate recipe. Parenting two children in close age differences functioned well for me as these aspects enabled life with the family to be significantly better. BTC Profit provides a wider perspective concerning the matter.


Same schedules for sleep:

It implies both will go to bed or nap about a similar timeframe. Adjusting their rest plans is paradise for guardians since it implies you won’t juggle various snooze and sleep times. You additionally won’t need to stress over maintaining a tyke calm while alternate rests.


Are potty trained together:

Having 2 children so near in age, potty preparing happens at a similar timeframe in our home. It is said, you ought to begin potty preparing as kids hint a sign of intrigue, and not a specific age.




This month marks my two-year anniversary as a stay at home mom. I never imagined life this way. When my son Preston was born I was working full-time outside of the home. My job was demanding and involved lots of out-of-state travel. Juggling family and career demands wasn’t easy but I established a decent routine and found a rhythm. Life was hectic, but I was happy.

It’s not simply being a mother attempting to handle an all-day workshop with a family around. Many mothers are in the workforce than ever before. Being an all-day working mum can prompt sentiments of blame and anxiety in view of isolated consideration among family and work. The significance is to concentrate on an arrangement, be composed, and locate the correct harmony among parenthood and career. Here are some ways to assist in ensuring that your profession and your family prosper, using BTC Profit for further assistance.


Relinquish the Guilt:

As opposed to feeling guilty concerning not being with your tyke, consider how your job in the organization is profiting the family. Maybe you can manage the cost of specific classes or instructive open doors for your youngsters or you’re ready to secure reserve funds for the school. The best profession mothers have observed approaches to be productive in the two universes and that implies having the capacity to grapple with decisions and spotlight on the needs that are significant. Moms ought to realize they are not the only one and they ought to talk about their sentiments with accomplices or care gatherings.


Discover Good Childcare:

Solicit your group of loved ones for information about caretakers, sitters, and childcare focuses. Make a rundown of requirements that are critical and afterward plan time to meet qualified childcare suppliers or to visit nearby childcare. This depicts they possess amazing knowledge and are versatile to different age gatherings, thinking about infants and youngsters who require assistance with homework.


Relieve the Morning Chores:

Abstain from beginning the day on a fatigued note by being sorted out the prior night. Pack the children’s snacks, spread out their garments, and ask everybody to take a shower. Investigate the following day’s agenda and partition the timetable, purchases vital foodstuffs, and prepares supper. This is a decent moment to converse any progressions to the family plan. Realizing that a ton of the unremarkable assignments is finished will enable you to put in the time for breakfast with the children without any hurry.



Restaurants banning kids. Airlines instituting child free zones. It seems that the world is becoming an increasingly child unfriendly place. Each time I see one of these headlines I ask myself how we got here. When did society turn against its littlest citizens and why?

Adapting great habits will enable your tyke to behave toward others with deference and consider their emotions. Your youngster will likewise pick up the certainty that originates from realizing the correct activity. In addition to the correct method to behave, great habits will place kids towards a life long achievement with companions, family, and associates. Look at the instructions concerning the reason and how to begin advising your children these vital habits. For more, check out bitcoin code instructions.


Show respect by standing up:

It wasn’t that long back that men dependably got up as a lady stood up from the table, however, our increasingly easygoing society has made standing up to demonstrate respect lesser, yet it’s a great habit. There exist a few aspects that make your tyke to emerge as having great conduct, and standing up is the top of it.


Know the physical space of others while public:

Children should know who is around them and how their conduct influences them. This is concerning habits exhibited in public. Obviously, there are rules that disclose what we may or may not be able to in broad daylight, however, we should be great natives. While you’re strolling on the walkway or at the shopping center, and somebody is coming opposite you, you move to one side and make a place for them to pass by.


Respect the older folks:

It’s tough for somebody who is just 10 years to comprehend it, yet grown-ups have earned regard by living quite a while. Experience prompts insight, and knowledge ought to be regarded. Youngsters should indicate respect in reverence for their folks, grandparents or the teacher or other individuals.

A few months ago I was hanging out at a library with my kids and their grandparents. My in-laws hung out with my children at the kids’ area while I set up shop with my laptop at a nearby table. As I attempted to catch up on some writing I noticed a little girl standing on a desk, jumping off, and running through the library screaming while being chased by a man and a woman who appeared to be her parents.


Dear Nicki Minaj,

I own AllHipHop.com.

AllHipHop has been historically uber supportive of the rapper Nicki Minaj. That’s YOU, homie! When I say historically, we can take it all the way back to when you had to stand in line to get into parties or those grimy underground videos you once pumped out on the streets. You know, that period of time before Lil Wayne and Young Money. Along the way, something changed.

As fathers positively adore every one of their kids, it true that a few fathers invest much more energy with the sons. Maybe they believe that they share more with their young men, or possibly they are somewhat threatened by the young ladies. However, with somewhat more comprehension, fathers can be similarly as agreeable around their girls as they are with their sons.


Advantages of such relationships:

It is unquestionably imperative for dads to interface with their little girls. Researches about families propose that girls who have a safe and adoring association with their dads are progressively positive about associations with men as a rule. Having a little girl with such frames of mind and headings merits a ton to a dad. However, the deep-rooted positives of a decent dad and little girl relationship, developing that sort of relationship can be a genuine open door for a dad at this moment. Utilize bitcoin code for more understanding.


Begin with her birthday:

Dads who best make this positive connection begin the day she is conceived. Stay associated with her life from the beginning. Play a functioning job in thinking about this infant young lady. The additional time you go through with her prior, the less demanding it will be to keep assembling the relationship in future.


Show her fresh aspects:

Though it is incredible when a father shows his little girl to read or do errands or ride a bicycle, frequently the best aspects he can instruct her are boyish stuff.  Skills like golfing, home fixes, fishing, or repairing a car that allow a young lady to be equipped similar to a guy and will provide her certainty that she can handle things. Simply being with her father doing stuff he is great at is rewarding for her.


Keen listener:

Majority of our little girls love talking and young ladies vocalize greater than the young men do while growing up. A father can strengthen his association with his little girl by listening to her. Focus on what she tells and maintain confidences.



Jada Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones share an emotional moment after wrapping their first episode of Red Table Talks. Have you ever felt like you didn’t spend enough “girl time” with your mother and daughter?

Mother and daughter connections are mind-boggling and differing. A few moms and little girls are closest companions. Some converse once weekly. Few observe each other week by week; rest reside in various areas or nations. Without a doubt, there exists a trace of every one of these aspects in many connections. There are good and bad times, regardless of how effective the relationship. No matter what your association with your mom or girl, you can generally create upgrades. Here are the means to upgrade your correspondence and association and trim down on conflicts.

Be the change:

The majority believe that the best approach to enhance a relationship is for the other individual to alter their way of living. In any case, you ain’t bonded to their activities; you can alter your personal responses and reactions. Curiously, this can modify the relationship.


Maintain communication:

The absence of correspondence is a typical test with mothers and little girls. Somehow they can be close or experience closeness that they trust that both of them need to be aware of how the other feels. What occurs accordingly is they don’t impart. Or they convey cruelly, in manners they would never respond, that results in hurt emotions which don’t leave so quickly.

Fix harm rapidly:

Not settling strife can have astonishing outcomes. In case you don’t manage your mother by settling struggle, you will convey those equivalent examples into further connections, be it with your companions, accomplice or supervisor. Fixing it with your mother is the best blessing you can provide for your little girl.

Being agood listener:

Undivided attention reflects back what the other individual is stating, rather than accepting you definitely understand. As you reflect what your mother or little girl is stating, you’re disclosing to her that she’s being listened to and that you get it. Additionally, tune in to the sentiments hidden within the message, that is frequently the genuine message by using software like bitcoin code.

Be forgiving:

Pardoning is an individual demonstration. It varies from compromise, that takes the two individuals and isn’t constantly conceivable. Excusing somebody isn’t stating that what occurred is acceptable. It’s not overlooking, exonerating or limiting the effect. It is key for long life and prosperity.