Coffee Break October 16 Edition

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Real Mom Movie Review: The Book Of Life

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Who’s That Girl?: 15 Flirty & Stylish Lauren London Selfies

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The Power of Pink: 15 Chic Ways to Support Breast Cancer Research

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Started From The Bottom: 15 Noteworthy Celebrity Internships & First Gigs

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An Introverted Mom’s Guide To Making Friends On The Playground

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The Whiteness Project: Do You Care What White People Say About Being White?

Amid the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, filmmaker Whitney Dow has kicked off a contentious debate with his new film The Whiteness Project…. More

Should You Do It?: Babies After 35 Are Considered High-Risk Pregnancies

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Hair Care: Healthy Products For Your Little One

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Should We Celebrate or be Concerned? Apple, Facebook Pay for Women to Freeze Their Eggs

Facebook and Apple recently announced that they will now pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs. Hear one working moms opinion and if you agree inside. … More