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It Was Only a Matter of Time: Introducing the Kardashian Kids Clothing Line

If there’s one thing the Kardashians are good at, it’s using their name for financial gain. The perfumes, the line at Sears, and now a kids’ klothing line. Are you surprised? Me neither…. More

The 7 Things You Do That Ruin Your Children, Helicopter Parents

All parents want to keep their kids safe. But in recent years, more and more experts have said parents have been spending too much time treating their kids, well, with kid gloves. … More

Family of Avonte Oquendo Bringing Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against New York City

After the medical examiner confirmed that remains found in the East River near Queens, New York belonged to missing teen Avonte Oquendo, his mother is now going to court to get the information necessary for a wrongful death lawsuit…. More

Girls Room Paint Ideas: 12 Inspirational Rooms

The variety of girls room paint ideas are endless. I mean how do you choose between enchanting turquoise and soothing lemon? Bubbly pink and majestic purple? And God forbid you want to add a few wall decals — let’s see– feathers or balls? tree branches or hearts? Well whatever you decide, we’re sure this blog will get you inspired (and excited) about this DIY project. Click on through!
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Girls Room Paint Ideas: 12 Inspirational Rooms… More

How My Teen Daughter Is Spending Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I felt it was a good time to ask my daughter how she planned to spend the day. She’s 15 and officially allowed to date, so I was prepared for her to say she wanted to spend it with a boy (supervised, of course)… More

Dinner, Done: Greek Pasta Casserole

By the time we hit midweek, we’re ready to just throw some things in a pan and have dinner on the table. Casseroles are perfect when you want minimal work but they’re not always healthiest option for your family…. More

Enter To Win: THE LEGO® MOVIE “LA Premiere Pass” Sweepstakes

“Mommynoire presents ‘THE LEGO® Movie’ LA Premiere Pass sweepstakes from Warner Bros. Pictures…. More

Study Finds Fewer Women Seeking Fertility Treatments

As much as we hear stories of women having multiples after IVF, a new study finds that women are actually seeking fertility treatments less often than they were 30 years ago, reports the Huffington Post. … More

Angela Simmons Street Style: 12 Fab Moments

Angela Simmons Street Style is quite enchanting and she totally creates a signature look with bold accessories (peep the shoe game), unusual textures (daytime sequin sheath skirt!?), and daring silhouettes (crotch splits). She wraps this all together with classic dark waves or straight bangs and pouty lips seeped in reds and pinks. Get it girlie!


Caring for My Mother and Accepting Who She Is Now

My mother has struggled with a number of health conditions for years. A recent challenge has been helping her regain some sense of normalcy after a stroke she had a few months ago but one of the most challenging aspects of caring for my mother has been managing her clinical depression. … More