The Worst Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is a seriously fun holiday, especially as a kid. You get to dress up like your favorite character, go to parties and eat candy until you’re a sticky mess. It’s a time for creativity! But some costume manufacturers have taken things just a little too far. From girls’ costumes that are much to grown up to gruesome choices to boys that give even adults the willies, these costumes are just terrible…. More

Stop Calling Brynn Cameron a Baby Mama

Yesterday, LA Clippers player Blake Griffin, 24, announced former girlfriend Brynn Cameron had given birth to their son. Now that their son has arrived, the media has insisted on pointing out that Cameron had already had a child with NFL player Matt Leinhart. … More

Why I Don’t Do Halloween

I absolutely love fall. I love the crisp air, the changing leaves and the general feeling of electric excitement in the air. And when I was a kid, I eagerly anticipate the end of October so I could have a blast on Halloween night. But that was a long time ago before the days of registered sex offenders and frequent school shootings…. More

Abiola’s Love Class! Love Junkie: When It’s Just Too Damned Good To Leave

“I don’t know why I can’t leave him. I know that I don’t love him and I want to leave but it’s just so damned good!”… More

All New Maxi-Cosi Mico AP is Here!!

Mommynoire is excited to announce that one lucky reader won the brand new Maxi-Cosi AP! For those who missed the contest, please take a minute to checkout the Maxi Cosi Mico AP review by our resident Baby Gear Expert Malika Lewis…. More

These Onesies Have Moms Really Upset

We love a little humor on our onesies but one company has just gone too far. It’Sugar is a novelty retailer known for their tongue-in-cheek wares. But these onesies? Not okay…. More

Parenting and Pot: How Will You Have the Discussion With Your Curious Teens?

The other day, I got a frantic phone call from a very close friend of mine. She was screaming at the top of her lungs to her teenage son about his reckless abandon of the house rules when he decided to bring a small bag of bud home…. More

New California Bill Protects Kids of Celebrities from Paparazzi

Halle Berry was on the front lines of a fight against paparazzi getting too close to her when she’s with her child kids and she’s finally won. … More

Worldwide Day of Play in Brooklyn, New York

This past weekend, Nickelodeon hosted more than 50,000 kids and families at its 10th annual Worldwide Day of Play (WWDoP). … More

Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron Welcome Baby Boy

Los Angeles Clippers player and star of hilarious commercials Blake Griffin just became a father. … More