#Flashback Fridays: Jessica Simpson Pregnant, 17 Fly Pics

What better way to celebrate #Flashback Fridays than to peek into the albums of our favorite celebrities when they were pregnant. Jessica Simpson took her second pregnancy in stride. Though she didn’t run to flock her bump all over Red Carpets, she did stick to her signature choice of form-fitting dresses, sky-high pumps and stylish accessories. Take a look at how she rocked her bump the second time around…. More

Meet #NoireVIP: Amber Noble Garland Talks About Creating Her Path, Part 3

Being a mom has taught me that “work-life balance” is not just some cute buzz phrase…. More

Little Bee on the Way: Lil Kim Pregnant

Lil’ Kim pregnant made a splash at a New York Fashion Week event yesterday. The iconic rapper is about to become a mommy for the first time at age 39…. More

Jay Z Style: 17 Fashionable Moments

Much like his lyrical flow, Jay-Z’s wardrobe is chameleon-like in nature. One day he’s rocking a plaid button down and Timbs, the next day a beautifully tailored made all white tuxedo. With Beyonce as his best accessory, take a moment to look at 17 of Hov’s flyest fashion moments…. More

Mexican Name Ban Means Parents Can’t Name Kids Batman or Scrotum

First New Zealand and now Mexico. The state of Sonora has just released a list of 61 names parents can't give their kids. Those names are ones the government considers "derogatory, pejorative, discriminatory or lacking ... More

13 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

These bathroom storage ideas are not only pretty simple (cue your inner DIY ningja) but they extremely useful. Don’t know where to stash that extra toilet tissue? How about behind the bowl? Too many fluffy towels? Throw ‘em in a wall roll. Kids water toys getting out of control? Build an interior shower rod and hang them from buckets! Yup, plenty of cool, smart ideas here. Dig in!


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: 10 Unique Accessories

These various Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him will honestly let him know that he’s loved (especially if paired up a good meal, hint, hint) Masculine focused accessories include personalized prayer dog tags, leather bracelets, vintage cufflinks and frankly a trillion more. Alright ladies, there are no excuses this season for NOT skipping the standard and boring gifts of neckties, blazers and button-downs.

7 Snow Day Activities and Ideas

Old man winter got you snowbound? Instead of letting your kids play video games all day–or worse, work your nerves with “I’m bored”–try one of these fun snow day activities for both indoors and outdoors…. More

Robyn Benson, Brain Dead Canadian Woman, Delivers Baby via C-Section

Just weeks after Marlise Munoz, a pregnant brain dead woman in Texas, was taken off her ventilator, Robyn Benson in Canada delivered her son Iver via C-section. Benson suffered a brain hemorrhage and was later ... More

The Morning After: 10 Items Every Woman Must Carry

 Its 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning--your phone rings and jolts you out of your sleep. Say hello to the morning after. You take a deep breath and discretely wipe the fairy dust, ok crust, out of your ... More