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10 Date Night Movies to Watch at Home

Not every date has to include some overly-priced fancy dinner and flowers, you can be romantic in the comforts of your own home. So call up your boo thang, cook or order in food, light ... More

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Little Girls Featured In My Natural Hair Is Beautiful PSA

Maureen Aladin’s empowering PSA, “My Natural Hair is Beautiful” features African-American girls of all ages asking if the viewer finds their hair “ugly.” The video is inspiring a much-needed conversation…. More

Kelly Rowlands Style: 13 Vivacious Looks

It’s really lovely to watch the evolution of Kelly Rowland’s style go from cherry-headed-Beyonce-drone to savvy, stylish and fly. Breeze through this blog to discover her dope-girl street style that swaggers between upscale sequined pieces (sweetheart jumpsuits) and boho chic (ripped Boyfriend jeans, chunky sweaters and head scarves). We see you Kelly Rowland! Get it!
Kelly Rowland… More

What’s Wrong With Being a Princess?

Nowadays there are even sweatsuits with ‘Princess’ embossed in glitter — I don’t do as much as my fellow moms but every once in a while, for my daughters, I give in to princess power…… More

We Asked, You Answered: Should Married Couples Use Condoms?

When you say ’til death do us part, your relationship gets an upgrade. It’s serious; no more of that boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, and that should extend to your decision to wrap it up, right? … More

Hair Buns and Braids: 12 Dazzling DIY Looks

Hair buns and braids are always trendy, especially during the winter as they can be both warm and protective. The range of looks we’ve uncovered work whether you’re natural or relaxed, have locs or box braids or just two strand twists. We simply love the combination of looks that can be created in which you can wear to work, a wedding, a date or even a party. Click on through!

Jamie Foxx at Trayvon Martin Rally: “It’s About Our Kids”

Just days after Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 years old, Jamie Foxx lent his celebrity and his time to the issue. … More

Evelyn Lozada Enjoys Luxe Baby Shower with Friends and Family

Evelyn Lozada is loving the mommy-to-be life. It looks like everyone with a reality show on VH1 headed to the Evelyn Lozada baby shower this weekend. … More

Question Authority: I’m Okay with My Kids Asking Why

If you grew up old school like I did, then you knew better than to ask your mom “why” when she told you no, or she told you to do something…. More

10 Wonderful Winter Breakfast Recipes

When it gets cold, a bowl of cereal just won't cut it any more. That's why we've rounded up some fabulous winter breakfast recipes. Hearty and delicious, these breakfasts will stay with you all through ... More