10 Wonderful Winter Breakfast Recipes

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Martin Luther King Jr With His Family: 12 Candid Moments

These moments of Martin Luther King Jr with his family are beyond touching and captivating. Here we get to see him at some of his most candid and happy moments doing something very very normal: being a Dad. Take a trip down memory lane as we pay tribute during Black History Month to one of our greatest American icons and a humanitarian hero.


Turquoise Rings For Women: 12 Dazzling Pieces

These turquoise rings for women are simply breathtaking. Stellar details include embedded crystals, intricate silhouettes, abstract animal details and runway-ready layering techniques. You can werk this trendy ring from day to night with your pencil skirts and your party dresses. Slip into this ladies!


20 of the Sexiest Slow Jams of the ’90s

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Keepin’ It Tight and Right: Postpartum Body Shapers

Postpartum garments, girdles, belly binders and postpartum cinchers can be a new mother’s best friend. Body shapers provide much-needed relief, support and contour for the body. … More

Dad on Duty: Omar Epps Takes His Daughter to a Daddy/Daughter Dance

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The Beauty Cart: 15 Top Winter Beauty Products for Hair and Skin

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Michelle Obama “I’m First” Video Encourages Kids Who are the First to Attend College

Michelle Obama is inspiring the kids again. The First Lady spoke about a subject near and dear to her heart, education, as part of the “I’m First” campaign, produced by the Center for Student Opportunity. … More

Cool! Winter Crafts for Kids

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Deck Out Your Baby’s Room with the Pantone Color of the Year 2014, Radiant Orchid

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