The Morning After: 10 Items Every Woman Must Carry

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Abiola’s Love Class: Meet Bershan of Oprah’s “Love in the City.” She Beat Cancer, Twice!

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Men Like Valentine’s Day, Too

The other day I was briefly scrolling while passing some time and I saw an interesting rant from a friend of mine. In a nutshell, she was saying that women who don’t do anything for their man on Valentine’s Day are well, a POS. Interesting…. More

7 Simple Things That Can Make Your Marriage Better

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Congratulations! Michael Jordan and Wife Yvette Prieto Welcome Twin Girls

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Are Drugs Responsible for Kim Zolciak’s Post Baby Body?

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“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” App On Its Way to Your iPad

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11 Things We Learned from Kanye West’s Debut Album

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17 Again: I Was A Teen Mom

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Sexy Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day

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