Postpartum Ideas: How To Rekindle the Romance After a Baby

Well, the time has come and boy am I ready to roll down the blinds and turn things up. But rather than jump into it, I thought it would be more memorable to add some spice to the usual routine. Here are some postpartum ideas to rekindle the romance after baby…. More

Mommy Mashup: The Unauthorized Story Of Jay Z Climbs iTunes and Google Play Charts

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Keyshia Cole and Her Son Daniel: 12 Adorable Photos

Celebrity mom, singing diva and Reality TV star Keyshia Cole has certainly hit a high note with her adorable son Daniel Gibson Jr. Take a quick blog break and check out some cuddly, candid, cool action between Keyshia Cole and her son Daniel.

Keyshia Cole and Her Son Daniel: 12 Adorable Photos… More

What About My Friends?: Stuck Between Motherhood and Friendships

I am blessed to have a solid group of friends and I love my daughter to pieces, but there are instances when it can be hard balancing motherhood and friendships…. More

Weekend Breakfast: Fried Egg And Bacon Puff Pastry Squares

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A Holiday Spread: 11 Tasty Easter Recipes

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Exclusive Interview: Coach Of The Year LeVelle Moton On Musical Chairs And New Edition

North Carolina Central University’s Coach LeVelle Moton led his team, The Eagles, to victory in the NCAA Championships. We talk to the man–a father of two and husband–about his life and what the future holds…. More

Managing Monster-in-Laws: The Wrath of Mama Joyce

Monster-in-laws can be a handful. Everybody gets that…but you really have no control over what mama does…. More

Meet #NoireVIP Somaya Reece: New Look, New Music, New Me, Part 1

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