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Survey Finds More Girls and Boys Need HPV Vaccine

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5 Things I Want My Tween Daughter To Know About Girlfriends

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13 Noteworthy Patterned Wallpaper Ideas

Are you in search of a way to jazz at up your space without a lot of effort? Well these patterned wallpaper ideas might just do the trick! In this post we feature some unique ways that others have used this classic design tool — from cutting up paper and putting it into frames and clocks, to using it to line stairs and bookcases, to highlighting unique pieces of art or making a space appear bigger and brighter. Whip out your devices and get ready to jot!

Manic Memoirs: The Beautiful Face of Mental Illness

What does mental illness look like? Whose face do you see? Is it the crazy guy in front of the bodega that talks to himself and screams obscenities at passersby? … More

10 Delicious Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas

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10 Date Night Movies to Watch at Home

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Out of the Mouths of Babes: Little Girls Featured In My Natural Hair Is Beautiful PSA

Maureen Aladin’s empowering PSA, “My Natural Hair is Beautiful” features African-American girls of all ages asking if the viewer finds their hair “ugly.” The video is inspiring a much-needed conversation…. More

Kelly Rowlands Style: 13 Vivacious Looks

It’s really lovely to watch the evolution of Kelly Rowland’s style go from cherry-headed-Beyonce-drone to savvy, stylish and fly. Breeze through this blog to discover her dope-girl street style that swaggers between upscale sequined pieces (sweetheart jumpsuits) and boho chic (ripped Boyfriend jeans, chunky sweaters and head scarves). We see you Kelly Rowland! Get it!
Kelly Rowland… More

What’s Wrong With Being a Princess?

Nowadays there are even sweatsuits with ‘Princess’ embossed in glitter — I don’t do as much as my fellow moms but every once in a while, for my daughters, I give in to princess power…… More