The Fear Factor: Mothers vs. Daughters

Why doesn’t your mother understand you? Is she purposely working on ruining your self-esteem? Mother/daughter conflicts are older than dirt and have enough history to rival the Encyclopedia Britannica (remember those?). It is true that mothers and daughters just don’t get along except in some rare cases? Why is the “mother/daughter” conflict so commonplace in our society?… More

Stressed Out? The Real Reason You Want Ice Cream

The boss gave you hell and the kids are acting a fool–you deserve those cookies, right? It’s a classic stress eating scenario but a new study from the Institute of Food Technologists what you’re doing isn’t stress, it’s habit…. More

RIP, Talia Joy: 13-Year-Old YouTube Makeup Vlogger Loses Battle with Cancer

Even parents know they can learn something from kids, and we learned some important lessons from Talia Castellano, the 13-year-old cancer patient, honorary CoverGirl and YouTube makeup sensation. … More

Science Says Your Baby Is Ugly, Friends Lying To You When They Say She’s Cute

Your bundle of joy, your little sweetheart is healthy, has all his fingers and toes–and is busted. At least, that’s what the Daily Mail says a fifth of new parents think. … More

Oh My Goodness: Woman Gives Birth to Huge Baby

We’ve all seen the charts that show the size of your baby (an egg, a baseball, etc.) during each month of your pregnancy. But Michelle Cesna’s third baby was way off the charts…. More

11 Places You Shouldn’t Take Your Children

when you’re sitting in the nail salon waiting for your French manicure you also have to consider that for other patrons this is a time to unwind, which can be very difficult when you have a toddler bobbing for bath toys in the foot spa. You have to consider that some places are just plain unsafe and boring for your child. … More

Mama Don’t Take No Mess: Pregnant Woman Fights Off Carjacker

New Jersey police say a woman successfully fought off a man who tried to pull her out of her car at a red light in Manchester County, reports NBC. And that woman? She was seven months pregnant. … More

Chuck Creekmur’s Collections: The Lessons From Trayvon Martin’s Verdict

Were you shocked, stunned or amazed at the Trayvon Martin verdict?… More

Good Idea? Being Friends With Your Kids On Facebook

There are plenty of horror stories about parents finding out the craziness their kids are up to through suspect status updates. You can rest easy now, though. Researchers at Brigham Young University have found that parents who follow or friend their teens online have a closer relationship offline…. More

11 Mom Bloggers You Should Bookmark

When I decided to give birth to my “baby”, Diary of a First Time Mom, I checked out the other blogs on the block. At first, I viewed these mamas as my competition. Now, I see them as my friends, even though I’ve only met one or two of these women in real life. Their years of experiences, both good and bad, help me become a better mother, a better woman. When I shopped for a new car seat or infant hair care products, they gave recommendations. … More