Kids Shelving: 12 Creative, Useful Looks

These kids shelving designs are not only super useful but heck they look great as well! Delve deep into your grey matter to come up with unique ways to use store toys and books, use unusual items as shelving (skateboards and teacups anyone?) and get “outlandish” with the paint brush. Some of these ideas are so cool, you might just incorporate them into your own adult shelving/storage.


SWV on “The Doctors”: Taj Talks Her Nightmare Pregnancy

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Beyonce Street Style: 16 Sizzling Looks

Nice! Beyonce Street Style is probably her best look — seriously we know she can serve up sexy in a Red Carpet gown but when she’s on the concrete runway I think, personally those are some of her shining moments. She flawlessly rolls from tomboy flirt to diva mom to sexy fly girl. Peep the hair, the nails, the shoes, the hats, the bags, the silhouettes, the colors, the minis, the pencil skirts, cropped tops, hi-tops and more! Get it B!

5 Manners that Should Never Go Out of Style

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Muhammad Ali and His Children: 13 Great Moments

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Happy 19th Birthday: Celebrities Support Trayvon Martin’s Family

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