Mama @ The Junket: THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Movie Spells Visual Roller Coaster

Are your seat belts on? Are the kids strapped in? In 5, 4, 3, 2 ….we are going on an energy packed trip to LEGOLAND. And right after that journey, we are going to make a curve into The LEGO Universe, which fans can tap into on Friday, February 7th!!!… More

Mommy Mashup: LaLa Anthony Shoots To #1 On The NY Times Best Seller List!

She shoots, she scores! LaLa Anthony is enjoying break-out success with her first book, “The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness,” where the wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony dishes on her secrets to a successful marriage.

Stylish Moms: 19 Red Hot Moments with Jennifer Lopez

We can’t wait to see what JLo has for us in 2014 because in 2013, the 44-year-old killed each red carpet she graced. From floor-length gowns to bodycon dresses, take a look at 19 highlights of the “American Idol” judge…. More

Nude Adult Pajama Party Happened at Kids’ Playspace. Should Parents Be Upset?

Some nice parents in Long Island, New York are clutching their pearls after their kids’ favorite off-brand Chuck E. Cheese was tainted. … More

How I’m Taking Care of My Man Post-Delivery

Our guys need some lovin’ and special attention too after the birth of our children. Although we can’t make love until I am fully recovered, here are some things I have planned until we are able to get back to business…. More

Measure of a Mom: Why I Go All Out On Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day, not because of the flowers, or the candy. It’s because, for me, February is the time of year that I can at least pretend that I’m one of those moms who’s got her stuff together…. More

Mommy Mashup: Boycott The Bull – DMX and George Zimmerman to Box

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, yesterday was your 19th your birthday. Sadly, we can’t blow out any candles with you, but as leaders in the digital publishing parenting sphere, we can use our voice to support the boycott that has been called on this boxing fiasco between George Zimmerman, the man responsible for your death, and DMX, a weathered drug addict who can’t even keep his decade old lyrics straight…. More

Chris Rock: 12 Candid Moments With His Girls

Today Chris Rock turns 49, and to honor the famed comedian (who’s a personal favorite) we decided to take a candid look at Chris and gorgeous daughters — wife Malaak Compton Rock and daughters Lola Simone Rock, Zahra Savannah Rock…. More

‘Try Not Having Kids’ Parody Isn’t Really About Parents vs. Non-Parents

Last week the video was posted parodying the medical commercials we see on television at night. This one was about not having children. It started out with light music and a calming voice asking "Do ... More

Kids Shelving: 12 Creative, Useful Looks

These kids shelving designs are not only super useful but heck they look great as well! Delve deep into your grey matter to come up with unique ways to use store toys and books, use unusual items as shelving (skateboards and teacups anyone?) and get “outlandish” with the paint brush. Some of these ideas are so cool, you might just incorporate them into your own adult shelving/storage.