Asian Food Fest: Sesame Chicken!

In the mood for Chinese food without the desire to actually hit a Chinese restaurant. Try making your own Asian entree – Sesame Chicken from scratch? According to our food authorities over at Moms Who Think, its pretty simple to make, and oh so delicious!… More

Practical Versus Fashionistas: Do Your Kids Look Like Mini Models Or Just Regular Kids?

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a trend of “fashion pictures” flooding my Facebook news feed. The immaculately coiffed hair, trendy shoes and fierce outfits—all of it combines in one photo to make me say out loud, “I need to step my game up.”… More

From The Source: Men Sentenced In Sex Assault Of 11-Year-Old Texas Girl

LIBERTY, Texas — Four men who pleaded guilty in the repeated sexual assault of an 11-year-old Texas girl were each sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison, terms they agreed to in deals with prosecutors.

Tips From Our Sources: Digital Life – Our Kids’ Connected Culture

Are your kids totally consumed by the digital world? If so, here are some facts worth discussing with your children so they can engage in the digital space safely and wisely…. More

Recycled News, Still Relevant: The Psychological Impact Of Single Parenting

A new focus of psychiatry and psychology should be dedicated to understanding the impact of single parenthood on children—and trying to minimize the damage. About 41 percent of births in the United States now occur outside the context of marriage. That’s up from 17 percent three decades ago…. More

Saturday Showdown!!!: Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Saturday showdown for seafood lovers. Throw in a little bit of shrimp, pasta, white wine and light spices – what do you have? Shrimp Scampi, courtesy of Epicurious!… More

Are You For Real? Obese Black Kids More Susceptible to Hypertension, Study Finds

A new study suggests that obese black children have a significantly greater risk for high blood pressure than white children of comparable age and weight.

Hey Mommies – DIY – Pedicures!

Sandal season may be over, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to start neglecting your feet. Before your bust out the wool socks and boots, rejuvenate your soles and treat your tootsies to some TLC with this DIY pedicure, courtesy of our friends at Bella Sugar.

Are You For Real? Number of Homeschoolers Growing Nationwide

As the dissatisfaction with the U.S. education system among parents grows, so does the appeal of homeschooling. Since 1999, the number of children who are being homeschooled has increased by 75%. Although currently only 4% of all school children nationwide are educated at home, the number of primary school kids whose parents choose to forgo traditional education is growing seven times faster than the number of kids enrolling in K-12 every year.

Family Heirlooms – Popular Among Black Families?

When my children were toddlers I started holiday traditions in an attempt to further strengthen our family bond, pride, and cohesiveness. In large part, my intentions were to build a foundation that my kids could not only look back on and appreciate, but that they could also pass down to their future families. … More