Sunday Night Stylist: 15 All Black Work Outfits Ideas

All black work outfits are so fab when pulled off properly and you can rework key pieces throughout the week. See Hollywood slay this democratic shade!… More

Biggie Smalls is The Illest: 10 Songs To Remind Us We’ll Always Love Big Poppa

September 13 made it 20 years since Bad Boy Records dropped its first release: Ready to Die by the Notorious B.I.G. 1994 is considered the greatest year for hip hop music…. More

Orange is the New Black Writer Leaves Husband, Reveals She’s Lesbian

She writes for a show, which has taken one part of a woman’s real life story and made it the perfect storyline for a hit TV series. And now, as Orange is the New Black ... More

Django Unchained Actress Detained After Being Mistaken for Prostitute

Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts is speaking out after being mistaken for a prostitute and detained by police. … More

Planned Parenthood Offers Virtual Visit, Mails Birth Control to Patients

When one thinks of Planned Parenthood they might not think of cutting-edge medical care or innovative medical technology. But thanks to one of its most recent announcements, the reproductive health care provider might be able ... More

15 Ways to Style Your Yarn Locs This Fall

If you’re thinking of getting yarn locs this fall, we’ve got 15 ways that you could style them. Click continue to check them out!… More

On The Go: 10 Must Have Weekender Bags

Whether your bag will be tossed in the overhead bin on an airplane or carelessly thrown on the backseat of a car for an impromptu weekend getaway size, style and function are three things to consider when purchasing a great travel bag…. More

Lessons From My Tiny Teacher: Happiness is in Good Deed

One thing most moms can agree on: your little one drives you up a wall! Another absolute we might all acknowledge is these little annoying, imaginative, curious creatures really can teach (or at the very ... More

That One Black Friend: Study Says Every White Person Has One

Sure, we live in a time where segregation is an, essentially, stone-age practice, but one study reveals many people’s friends circles remain largely segregated—especially for White people. The results of a study conducted by the ... More

10 Ways to Keep Your Wits When Out With the Kids

We love our kids, but sometimes the idea of taking them with us to run errands is daunting. We have 10 tips for keeping your cool while out with the kids…. More

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