Single Moms And Dating, These 7 Things Are Turning Men Off

I give kudos and much praise to single mothers. They are raising a child (or more than one) on their own and still have to find time to be individuals. My mother was a single ... More

“Let Me Take A Selfie”: 12 Rockin’ Celebrity Kids Selfies

These celebrity kids like all of us just wanna take a selfie! Take a gander at the famous off spring kids of Diddy, LL, Diana Ross and more!… More

Flashback Friday: 13 Pics of a Young Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is a legend. The 77-year-old is revered for bringing positive images of African American life to television. Check out his back in the day swag…. More

Esperanza Spalding: 11 Afro-Chic Natural Hair Moments

See how Esperanza Spalding rocks updos, wild twist-outs, layered curls, bushy fros and more from the Red Carpet to the stage to around the way…. More

‘Stop blaming Black parents for underachieving kids:’ Are Parents Really to Blame?

Teachers, school officials, politicians, and clergy all point the finger at parents for underachieving kids, but are parents really at fault?… More

Tap Shorts: 13 Star-Styled Options To Consider

Undecided on the tap shorts trend? Though not the easiest look to carry off, if however, you’ve got the figure and the gams it’s a chic way to be sexy!… More

Tough Guy On & Off the Field? 5 Ways To Turn The Aggression Down

There are many life lessons to be gleaned from sports – teamwork, discipline and dedication. But are we teaching our children how to turn the aggression off when they aren’t on the field or the court?… More

Mid-Day Crush: 11 Sexy Moments with Michael Ealy

Take a mid-day reprieve from work and take a look at Michael Ealy’s hottest moments suited up or laid back in jeans…. More

Computer Love: 5 Things Men Think You’re Lying About on Your Dating Profile

Studies show that both men and women lie on their dating profiles. What do the men think women are being less than truthful about?… More

Rihanna At The Beach: 13 Sizzling Beach Moments

These haute shots of Rihanna at the beach showcase her sense of style; she works cut, color and accessories along with hair and makeup. Get it Riri!… More

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