Are You A Homie, Mama, Friend?

If I see one more picture on Instagram or other social network with some sort of caption stating a child is the parent’s ace, boo or friend, I might scream!… More

5 Less Lovey-Dovey Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. I always have. It’s one of those holidays that can sometimes feel so commercial and corny, but I totally get sucked in because I think nothing is sweeter than making the people around you feel loved…. More

Asian Influenced Bathroom Designs: 13 Fab Ideas

These Asian influenced bathroom designs are simply breathtaking. Whether you’re looking to just simply remodel your bathroom or moving into a new home and seeking a unique theme, these 13 looks will certainly get you inspired. Special details include dramatic walls, sleek bathroom fixtures, indulgent window treatments and eye-catching accessories. Take a gander and enjoy!

All images courtesy of Pinterest


Let’s Get Naked: Modern Nude Nail Colors

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Lupita Nyongo Style: 12 Haute Moments

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Too Close For Comfort: The Mall of Columbia Shooting

No matter how crazy this world gets, we would all like to think that certain tragedies will skip our neighborhoods – until your community lands on CNN…. More

Marlise Munoz Finally Disconnected from Life Support

After her family’s long fight against the hospital, Marlise Munoz was disconnected from the life support machines that had been keeping her organs functioning after she’d been declared brain dead in late December…. More

Being Married Doesn’t Make an Unplanned Pregnancy Easy

Last summer my husband and I had the rest of our lives mapped out. Our kids are ages 5 and 14, an age range that means it will be quite some time before we are footloose and kid-free. But while we continue to relish their childhood, we are also happy to be well past the point of baby bottles and potty training. … More

Best Dressed Moms on the Grammys Red Carpet 2014

Haute Mamas was the theme for the night on the Grammys Red Carpet 2014 preview. Seriously, Beyonce, Faith Evans, Pink and more were slaying over those who had yet to give birth. … More

Ciara Pregnant at the Grammys and Looking Amazing

Last night at the Grammys, Ciara pregnant with her first child glowed. … More