Meagan Good Street Style: 13 Fly Girl Moments

Ms. Meagan Good’s street style is wonderfully, beautifully, and uniquely her own. This downtown darling, diva, walks her own (fashion) path whether rocking cut-off shorts and over-the-knee socks, edgy, body-skimming dresses or just a baseball cap and a tank top…Ms. Good makes sure all eyes are on her. Get it girl!

Meagan Good Street Style: 13 Fly Girl Moments… More

Richard Sherman’s Reminder of Double Conciousness

Richard Sherman’s week reminded me of the question Malcolm X once asked: “What do you call an educated negro with a B.A. or an M.A., with a B.S., or a PhD?” “You call him a n****r.”… More

The Latest on Marlise Munoz and Her Fetus

Marlise Munoz has captured our attention for a month, and the fight over her life continues, even in light of some scary news. Munoz was declared brain dead on December 26, but the Texas hospital that’s been giving her treatment has kept her on life support because she was 14 weeks pregnant when she was first rushed to the ER. … More

6 Reality TV Mothers You Never See With Their Kids

We’re not saying the hustle prevents her from fulfilling parental responsibilities but it certainly makes us give these women a major side eye.

Growing Pains: Raising Teens and the Adult Inside Them

Parents go from their kids’ protectors to their jailers, and they are then told repeatedly what a drag this is…. More

The CEO of Yummy Spoonfuls Shares Importance of Organic Food For Babies

Inspired by her Cameroonian upbringing, Agatha Achindu is an entrepreneur spreading her love of organic food…. More

Haute Mama: The Stretch Marks Solution

If you’ve had a baby, or have one on the way, the possibility of stretch marks ranks as high as the likelihood of gaining weight. They’re going to happen…. More

Kids Reenact Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Speech for FOX Sports. Is It Funny?

When Jimmy Kimmel had kids reenact one of Kanye West's typically angry, defensive interviews, it was really funny and kind of adorable. But this FOX Sports video where kids reenact Richard Sherman's speech? It's not ... More

Sweat it Out: 13 Affordable Sports Bras

Sweat it out, in style! Ladies, we must be careful to make sure when working out (which we all should be doing, spring is right around the corner) we are protecting our upper body with ... More

Bacon, Egg and Potato Breakfast Casserole

Being busy isn’t a good excuse for you or your baby to skip breakfast. This breakfast casserole is something you can easily whip up the night before for a great make-ahead breakfast. … More