mother breastfeeding her infant

Will I Be a Selfish Parent That Things the World Revolves Around My Baby?

I must admit that in my excitement for being a first time mother there is one fear that has been lurking in my mind for quite some time, and it actually has nothing to do with labor though I hope the force is with me! … More

Ciara Pregnant: 12 Fly Looks

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Mom Leaves Kids in the Cold to Go Hog Hunting

Another scary story about a neglectful parent. Babysitters are hard to find but why would you ever just go off and leave your kids? This time, it's 30-year-old Kayla Marie Shavers, a Florida woman who ... More

12 Stylish Home Offices

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Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family

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Kim Kardashian Shares New Photos of North on “Ellen”

Kim Kardashian went on “Ellen” today for a little chitchat and to share more adorable photos of her baby…. More

When White Babies Have Black Nannies: Photographer Ellen Jacobs

Photographer Ellen Jacob has gotten a lot of attention for her eye-opening photo series, Substitutes. The New York artist pointed her camera at something that we in the city see all the time: black, usually Caribbean, babysitters taking care of white children. … More

In Kevin Hart Fashion: 15 Dapper Moments

For many, funny man Kevin Hart seems like an overnight success – but don’t be fooled. Hollywood’s favorite comedian has been putting in work since his days in Philly. Did you know the actor’s first credited role came in 2002 for ‘Paper Soldiers.’ Currently, the doting father of two is promoting his latest film ‘Ride Along’ with Ice Cube, which hits theaters on Jan 17. Take a look at Mr. Hart’s most stylish moments…. More

What Would You Do if Your Child Attended the Worst School in New York City?

Over the weekend, the New York Post wrote an expose in which they divulged that PS 106 in the Far Rockaway section of Queens is the worst school in all of New York City…. More

Ew! Meet the Woman Who Loves Chewing Dirty Diapers

This is almost too foul to believe it's real but here it is. TLC's "My Strange Addiction" introduced us to Keyshia, a 22-year-old Queens, New York woman who can't get enough of smelling and chewing ... More