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Brazilian Breakfast Treat Avocado Breakfast Pudding (Vitamina de Abacate)

Take advantage with this simple breakfast idea from Brazil that’s both decadent and healthy. … More

Pitcher Perfect: The Dark Liquor Edition

So far, we’ve been playing it kind of safe with our beer cocktails and girly mixtures but this time around let’s salute the departure of Mr. Frost and his BFF Polar Vortex like a man … with whiskey, rum and bourbon! … More

Motherhood: A Journey With No Blueprint

There’s no blueprint to motherhood. We must make the best decisions we can at the time and keep moving forward…. More

NAACP Awards Red Carpet 2014: Best Dressed Moms And Dads

Parents need a night out to and last night the occasion was an extra-special one: the 45th annual NAACP Image Awards…. More

LeBron James’ “Thank You” to Absentee Father Is Really A Nod to His Mother

Earlier this week, LeBron shared a picture on Instagram.  It wasn't the normal picture of him goofing off with teammates, his wife Savannah, or the kids like he normally posts.  He posted the photo above ... More

Why Are So Many Kids Diagnosed with ADHD?

When we were growing up, ADHD wasn’t something people really worried about, but now it seems like half the kids in your child’s class have it. So are kids really so much different than they used to be?

LOL: Kid Oscars Video Shows Kids Reenacting the Nominated Movies

Next Sunday, we’ll all tune in to the Oscars on our TVs (or on Twitter). But just in case you haven’t seen all the big movies of the year, the people at Cinefix have made sure we know what they’re all about…. More

Taylor Has Two Moms: What I Learned from Disney’s First Lesbian Moms

Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” introduced lesbian moms to their young viewers and some parents are outraged. Isn’t it time we got comfortable with the LGBT community?… More

Is Postpartum Depression Real?

Whenever I heard women talk about postpartum depression or the “baby blues” I would roll my eyes and say “whatever” as I thought it was bologna. Why get in your feelings about your child that is supposed to be one of the greatest blessings in your life?… More

This Mom Says No to In-school Spankings

While the spanking debate, among parents, has been going on a for a while, I mistakenly thought the debate about whether or not kids should be spanked in schools was over. Apparently, I thought wrong…. More