breast cancer awareness women joining hands

Save the Tatas: A Pajama Party with a Breast Cancer Purpose

The key to breast cancer awareness is to get young girls and their families talking about prevention and wellness and living a preventative health type of lifestyle. It should be fun, something they do as part of their life, not just when someone gets sick. If we start women and girls early, its not a scary thing… More

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WWJD: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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Weekender Looks: 16 Star-Styled Sporty Chic Fashion

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New Study: Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Aggressive Cancer in Black Women

New research continues to prove what health experts have been saying for years — breastfeeding reduces risk of cancer in moms, especially black mothers…. More

Vest or Vote: Can Your Ballot Stop a Bullet?

The Dream Defenders have an important message for young voters of color: vote or die. But the Florida-based group caused quite a stir after sponsoring a billboard yo get this message across. Too much or is this our reality?… More

New York Style Breakfast: Bacon, Egg And Cheese Bagel

We’re not re-inventing the wheel here–it’s a crunchy bagel, salty bacon, melty cheese and buttery fried egg sandwich…if you’re into that kind of thing…. More

“Me Time:” What We Wish For and What Really Winds Up Happening

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Foodie Fiends: Kortney Williams

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