Is Doomsday Approaching? Ready or Not!

When you see people buying carts full of water at the grocery store, what comes to mind? Are they hoarders or just plain weird? These days my first inclination is that they’re prepping for “doomsday”. ... More

“Shacking Up” Before Marriage – Bad Idea?

Shacking Up - Most of us are familiar with the term, and may have been shacking up in the past, or are quite possibly shacking up in the present. *Ouch* Most pastors and parents will ... More

Yahoo! For Yahoo CEO ~ Marisa Mayer Gives Birth To Baby Bogue

In big business news, Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer has given birth to a baby boy named Zack Bogue. "Baby boy Bogue born last night," the father wrote, in a message his wife later ... More

MOM-Noire Pages: Good Books That Have Been Banned

It’s Banned Books Week, and in celebration of our freedom to read, we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular literary classics – new and old – that were challenged, censored, and in some cases, pulled off the shelves. And you won’t believe which ones made the list! What makes these titles so taboo, and how many are in your child’s library?… More

Garage Sale For Newbies

My family is ramping up for our first yard sale ever! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. While I understand that this isn’t an earth shattering decision, the thought of preparing our personal ... More

Lunchbox Special: Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich

What kid doesn’t love pizza or a gooey grilled cheese sandwich? Combine the two for a lunchbox explosion that’s better than any school science project…. More

Coming To Terms With Your Post-Baby Body

When Beyonce first stepped out in public after having Blue Ivy, my friend shared a photo on my Facebook wall and said, "Bey looks better than ever!" I shot back quickly, "That's an old picture, ... More

How To Shop @ Your Favorite Bulk Discount Stores

Like to buy in surplus? Live near a Sam’s Club or Costco's? With little kids in tow - your shopping style may focus on bulk goods - like diapers. When my kids were little, we ... More

Oprah Calling for CamiCakes? Exclusive Interview With Andra Hall

When one of Oprah's personal assistants calls to purchase your products on her behalf, it’s a great indication that you should keep selling what you’re selling. Andra Hall, owner of CamiCakes opened her gourmet cupcake boutique in ... More

You Should Be Aware: MS-13 Gangs and Our Kids

Problem: Gangs in our schools. Their role behind those walls is one that we must face as parents, along with our children who are coming in contact with them on a daily basis. Do you remember the  Bloods and Crips based movie “Colors” from 1988, which shook up the black culture with their raw coverage of street life and turf wars in East Los Angeles, California? For many of us outside of LA, “Colors” felt like a West Coast problem – far from the truth…. More