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Were We Taking a Break? The Double Standard For Men and Women

In light of Dwyane Wade and Ludacris coming forth and saying they fathered children while on temporary hiatus from their respective relationships, there have been lots of conversations about going on breaks. … More

What You Need to Know About Frostbite and Hypothermia

The weatherman’s saying we’re about to see some of the coldest temperatures we’ve had in years. Schools across the country are delaying or canceling classes so children won’t have to freeze their little faces off waiting at the bus stop…. More

Why the Jahi McMath Case Should Matter to Parents Everywhere

In the Jahi McMath Case, the family fought hard to keep her alive. Who should have the final say when it comes to life or death decisions for a child?… More

Blue Ivy Carter’s Birthday: A Fashionable Look Back

To celebrate Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday we’re taking a fashionable look back at the #1 Diva in Training. Peep how she goes from afro puffs and toddler Timbs to ruffled pink dresses and sun hats.
Blue Ivy Carter’s Birthday: A Fashionable Look Back… More

The Game on Daddy Duty, Cracks Down on Daughter Cali Singing Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”

When Beyonce dropped her album, all anybody could say was, “Oh, Bey, you nasty.” This one is definitely not for the kids. … More

Madonna’s Son Rocco Poses for Instagram with a Bottle of Liquor — and He’s Only 13

I never know what’s worse: the nonsense kids get into or the foolishness their parents enable. This time, Madonna posted a photo on Instagram this Saturday of her 13-year-old son Rocco Ritchie and two friends holding bottles of liquor…. More

Finding My Success As A Single Mother

Being a single mother was the best thing to happen for my career. No, I haven’t gone crazy, I truly believe this. I am at the Director level at one of the largest film studios in the world at the age of 32 and I promise this would never have happened without my daughter. She is the single driving force in my determination to succeed in business. She is the reason that I constantly challenge myself to push past all the insecurities that have held me back…. More

Jennifer Lopez with Max and Emme: 12 Adorable Fashion Moments

Celebrity Moms continue to hog the spotlight with their beautiful offspring and checking out Jennifer Lopez with Max and Emme rides high on the look-see list. Take a gander as they go from Uggs, tees and cut-offs to tapered blazers, tulle skirts and body-con dresses. Honestly, it doesn’t get much cuter than this trio!
Jennifer Lopez with Max and Emme: 12 Adorable Fashion Moments… More

True Love or Settling? Women Who Stay with Men with ‘Break Babies’

I know many of you are probably tired of hearing about these celebrities who take short breaks to have children, but who knows, there might be another scandalous reveal waiting in the wings. Don't get ... More

Is Placenta Encapsulation the Answer to Postpartum Depression?

Why this kinda gross practice is worth a second look…. More