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Did “16 and Pregnant” Actually Do Some Good?

Frankly, when most people think of MTV's "16 and Pregnant", nothing good comes to mind. Farrah Abrams is a hot mess, what with her sex tape and her weird stint on "Couples Therapy" (incidentally, she's ... More

Game Time: 8 Super Bowl Party Ideas

Is the party at your house this year? Even if your team didn’t make it til the end, it’s still a time to gather friends and celebrate…. More

Aw! Adorable Baby Meets Dads Twin for the First Time

Grown folks get confused when faced with identical twins, so we can just imagine what that’s like when you’re not even a year old. Since the video hit LiveLeak on Saturday, it’s been viewed more than 1 million times and it’s easy to see why. … More

Keep My Kid Away From Greeks Until They Get It Right

Historically, sororities and fraternities have been pillars of the black community, a shining example of our infinite possibilities. These Greek letter organizations (why Greek when we’re generally African?) have represented the leaders on just about every front of Black progress. … More

From the Horse’s Mouth: Kerry Washington Confirms Her Pregnancy at the Golden Globes

There was no way Kerry Washington could deny she had a little one on the way, what with her face getting fuller and her dresses getting looser. Still, it’s always nice when stars confirm good news, especially stars as notoriously tight-lipped as Kerry…. More

Crime and Corporal Punishment: Is Young Jeezy Guilty of Child Abuse or Some Good Old-School Discipline?

The worst butt whooping I can remember ever getting is the day my father tore fire to my behind with a little pink belt. I was 6 and had gotten angry when my mom told me I couldn’t go outside until I cleaned the Barbies, barrettes and missing homework off my bottom bunk bed…. More

Healthy Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are the ultimate kid food, second only to French fries. But you can’t give your kid have the fried version from your favorite restaurant every night. … More

Game On! Adorable Baby Football Gear for your lil’ MVP

If you want kids to appreciate the game, you have to start them young–very young! Check out the cutest baby football inspired gear we could find. Touchdown!… More

Welcoming Aunt Flo: How to Handle Your Daughter’s First Period

A girl’s first period marks an important moment in her life. When I first got my period, I remember my mom proudly declaring, “My baby is a woman now.”… More

Crochet Skirts: Are You Werking This Haute Winter Trend?

These enchanting crochet skirts are a great staple piece for your winter wardrobe. Work your classic cardigans, denim shirts, cropped sweaters and funky sweatshirts with a variety of looks. Top details include PVC layered over crotchet, mix n’ match patterns, eye-popping tones, flirty silhouettes and dramatic hemlines. Take a gander!

Crochet Skirts: Are You Werking This Haute Winter Trend?… More