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Why Freezing Your Eggs Isn’t the Answer

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“Thug Cycle” Baby in Protective Services Because Family Had Issues with Gangs

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Myth or Magic Touch? Weird Ways to Induce Labor

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Cookies for Breakfast (Really!)

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Teen Accessories: The Letter Ring

Teen Accessories can often be quite cute, yes? Letter Rings are trending high right now and being carved out in a variety of styles from stacked letter rings (that may or may not spell out anything) to scrawled scripted across a two-finger piece to simple but elegant single initial letter rings. Truthfully, these rings are so adorbs (yes I went there) that you may want to rock one or two of ‘em yourself — in fact why not get a mother-daughter pair? Hmm…

Teen Accessories: The Letter Ring… More

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Internet Gets Angry at Photo of Black Father Caring for His Daughters

I love seeing dads taking care of their little girls. It reminds me of being little and thinking my daddy was the greatest, tallest man in the whole world, even if he didn’t always put the right barrettes in my hair. … More

“Thug Cycle” Baby Now in Child Protective Services

The Omaha police union found itself at the center of a scandal when it posted a video of a diapered toddler talking with the dirtiest mouth on it’s website…. More